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Leviticus 23:17 (c) (Wave). These particular loaves of bread represent godly, human efforts for the glory of the Lord. They were mixed with leaven, because all human efforts have sinful and evil characteristics. Nothing that we do or give is pure. The loaves of bread that represent CHRIST have no leaven in them whatever, but these loaves that represent us and our own human offerings did have leaven. CHRIST only is the pure bread of life.

But these wave loaves may also represent JESUS CHRIST our Lord as the One who was made sin for us. He went through the furnace of GOD's wrath, and this destroyed all the sin which He had taken upon Him for us. We come before GOD presenting as our sacrifice the Lord JESUS in His perfect beauty after He came through the furnace and became to us the bread of life.

1 Samuel 10:3 (c) The three types in this verse are as follows:

  • a kid for each man represents the individual sacrifice of CHRIST for each one;
  • the loaf for each man represents the personal appropriation of CHRIST for each heart;
  • the bottle of wine for all the men represents the joy of the Lord which cannot be measured but which is available for everyone and for all who will come.

1 Samuel 10:4 (c) In that Saul was given two loaves of the bread, it may indicate that he was to have a double portion now, both as a king and as a prophet. He was to guide GOD's people in temporal things, and also in spiritual. He was to be a double example to all of Israel of a godly and a holy king. It may teach us also that those who have bread should share it with others. One of the men gave nearly all the bread he had. This should characterize each Christian.

Matthew 15:34 (c) This is a type of GOD's enriching grace which is sufficient for one's own heart and for supplying the needs of others. The Lord would have His own examine themselves to see if they have any good blessings from Heaven to give to those whom they meet along the highway of life. Each Christian should have plenty of bread for all whom he meets - biscuits for the children, loaves for the grown folks, soft bread for those who cannot chew, hard rolls for those who wish something upon which to exercise their thoughts. The Christian should go forth to the day's work with his bread basket filled for the hungry.

Luke 11:5 (b) This parable is concerning the soul winner. The first friend is the Lord JESUS. The second friend who comes at midnight is the troubled soul who comes to your door selling brooms. He is in the darkness of unbelief and is seeking something for his soul. The Christian may feel that he has nothing to give to this inquiring person. He realizes that he needs bread for this hungry man. CHRIST is telling us that we may come to Him to get what we need for the occasion. We may think we just want three loaves, but the Lord may see that we need much more. He will therefore give to the seeking Christian all the living bread that is needed for the seeking sinner. No Christian needs to permit any inquiring soul to depart unsatisfied.

1 Corinthians 10:17 (a) (Margin).

(1). This is a symbol of the whole church of GOD which is like a loaf of bread. It contains only wheat grains. It has no sticks or stones nor foreign substances but only wheat. Only true, born- again believers are in the church of GOD. Hypocrites and professing Christians may be in the visible church, but none are in CHRIST's mystical body, the invisible church.

(2). This loaf is a complete loaf separated from everything else in the house. This is a picture of the church which should be separated from every worldly thing, every worldly association, and is a separate distinct institution in this world. By looking at it one may see that it is a complete, self contained unit, it is one body in CHRIST.

(3). As no one knows how many grains are in the loaf, so no one knows how many Christians compose the church.

(4). As the grains in the loaf are combined with one another so the Christians in the church are bound together in sweet and holy communion with one another.

(5). As the purpose of the loaf is to bring a blessing to those who have it, so the church is to bring joy and honor to CHRIST and be a blessing in every way to the people of earth who surround it.

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