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Genesis 22:13 (c) This animal is a type of the Lord JESUS, who is available for the sinner as his substitute in a time of need. Isaac was on the altar ready to die, as we too are lost, sinful and on the way to the second death. The animal was found as a substitute taking the place of the boy, and dying in his stead. So the Saviour takes our place, and we go free.

Exodus 25:5 (c) This is a symbol of the blessed protection from GOD's wrath, which is offered by the death of our Lord and the shedding of His precious Blood. The skins had to come from animals that had died. (See also Exodus 26:14; Exodus 35:7; Exodus 36:19).

Exodus 29:22(c) This ram represents the Lord JESUS CHRIST as an offering of consecration for us. His life was so perfect that GOD could accept it, and does accept it, in the place of ours. We give ourselves over to the Lord because we are in CHRIST, and therefore are acceptable to GOD.

Leviticus 8:21 (c) The burnt offering is a picture of the whole person being offered to GOD in complete devotion to Him. He is given the body, the mind, the heart, the affections, the talents, and the gifts in complete abandonment to His will. (See Leviticus 9:2).

Leviticus 9:4 (c) This animal represents the Lord JESUS as our peace offering. He made peace by the Blood of His cross. He brought peace to us. He is our peace. (See Ephesians 2:14).

Leviticus 19:21 (c) In this trespass offering we find another picture of the Lord JESUS as the One who gave Himself not only "for us" as a burnt offering, but also "for us" as an offering for our trespasses and transgressions. He died for what we are, that is out character, and He died for what we do, and that is our conduct. As the sin offering is described in Exodus 29:15, wherein the Saviour gave Himself for our own wicked selves, so He gave Himself also for our deeds and doings.

Numbers 5:8 (c) This animal paid the debt that was due from the sinner. By the death of the animal, the obligation against the sinner was met, and the sinner could go free. (See also Ezra 10:19). This is a picture of CHRIST offered for us.

1 Samuel 15:22 (c) This picture is to remind us that no amount of outward show will suffice to cover up the truth that is in the inward parts. GOD would rather have obedience and the love of the soul for Him than gifts and sacrifices from a heart that did not care.

Daniel 8:3 (a) The animal in this case represents the Medio-Persian empire. The two rams represent the power of the two kingdoms. The power of Darius, of the Median Empire, was greater than the power of the Persian empire. Therefore, the greater ram represents Darius.

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