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Numbers 13:23 (c) This lovely fruit may be taken as a type of the rich blessings which may be found across the Jordan of spiritual death, in the promised land in which the Christian should live after he has died with CHRIST at Calvary and been raised to walk in newness of life. It represents the precious blessings that fill the life of that one who walks with GOD in constant fellowship with Him, loving CHRIST and obeying the Holy Spirit. This life is the life that is life indeed.

Deuteronomy 32:32 (a) The good GOD of Heaven is reminding Israel of the tremendous contrast between the grapes of Eschol and the grapes of Gomorrah. The sweet blessings that come from walking with the Lord, in obedience to His Word, and in loving fellowship with Him, are to be contrasted with the bitter fruits that come from the pleasures of sin which last but for a season. For one hour of pleasure men will barter Heaven and insure to themselves an eternity in hell.

Judges 8:2 (a) The two princes of the Midianites are compared to the grapes which Ephraim gathered. (See Judges 7:24-25).

Job 15:33 (b) Eliphaz uses this type to illustrate his thoughts about Job. He is stating that Job is a hypocrite and will never be able to produce good fruit in his life.

Song of Solomon 2:15 (b) This is typical of the delicate and delightful fruits of a human life such as kindness, love, patience, etc., which may be spoiled and damaged by little habits and ways that are mean and obnoxious.

Isaiah 5:2 (a) Here, the fruit represents the attributes of Israel and their attitude toward the Lord. They should have loved Him, worshipped Him, walked with Him, glorified Him, and thus have yielded good grapes. Instead, they dishonored Him, hated Him, disobeyed Him, and grieved Him. Their evil actions are compared to wild grapes.

Jeremiah 31:29 (a) GOD is telling us in this way that the life of the father is reflected in the character of the child; the actions of the child are a result of the life and the attitude of the father. (See Ezekiel 18:2).

Obadiah 1:5. (b) The people of Israel are represented as grapes. The Edomites who dwelled in a high, rocky, inaccessible fort made forays against the Israelites, capturing them on the highways and killing them in the fields. They left none, young or old. The Lord contrasts this with thieves who steal grapes but who will leave some on the vines for the owners of the vineyard. The Edomites were worse than the thieves.

Matthew 7:16 (b) We learn from this figure that evil lives cannot produce good fruit for GOD. Those who belong to the Devil are not bearing fruit for the GOD of Heaven. (See also Luke 6:44).

Revelation 14:18 (b) This figure represents the people of the earth who are the product of wicked leaders, evil teachers and false faiths.

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