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am´ram ( עמרם , ‛amrām , "people exalted"):

(1) Father of Aaron, Moses and Miriam (Exodus 6:20; Numbers 26:59; 1 Chronicles 6:3; 1 Chronicles 23:13 ); and a son of Kohath, the son of Levi (Exodus 6:18; Numbers 3:19 , etc.). It is not certain that he was literally the son of Kohath, but rather his descendant, since there were ten generations from Joseph to Joshua ( 1 Chronicles 7:20-27 ), while only four are actually mentioned from Levi to Moses for the corresponding period. Moreover the Kohathites at the time of the Exodus numbered 8,600 (Numbers 3:28 ), which would therefore have been an impossibility if only two generations had lived. It seems best to regard Amram as a descendant of Kohath, and his wife Jochebed as a "daughter of Levi" in a general sense.

(2) One of the Bani, who in the days of Ezra had taken a foreign wife (Ezra 10:34 ).

(3) In 1 Chronicles 1:41 (the King James Version) for the properly read HAMRAN of the Revised Version (British and American) (חמרן , ḥamrān ), a Horite, who in Genesis 36:26 is called HEMDAN (which see).

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