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Strong's #2224 - ζώννυμι

Root Word (Etymology)
from (G2223)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to gird
  2. to gird one's self
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 247 ‑ אָזַר (aw‑zar');  631 ‑ אָסַר (aw‑sar');  2280 ‑ חָבַשׁ (khaw‑bash');  2296 ‑ חָגַר (khaw‑gar');  7760 ‑ שִׂים (soom, seem);  
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Verse Results
KJV (2)
John 2
NAS (3)
John 2
Acts 1
CSB (3)
John 2
Acts 1
BSB (3)
John 2
Acts 1
ESV (3)
John 2
Acts 1
WEB (2)
John 2
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


(ὑπο-ζωνύναι IG 12.73.9), (παρα-) Pl. R. 553c; ζωννύω Hp. Mul. 1.68: impf. ἐζώννυον John 21:18 : fut. ζώσω LXX Exodus 29:9, Jo. l.c.: aor. 1 ἔζωσα Od. 18.76, Hp. Art. 14: pf. ἔζωκα Paus. 8.40.2, (δι-) D.H. 2.5: Med. (v. infr. 11): Pass., aor. 1 ἐζώσθην (δι-) Thphr. Sign. 22: pf. ἔζωμαι (δι-) Th. 1.6 ap. Phot., Suid. s.v. σέσωται, 3 sg. ἔζωται (δι-) IG 22.1491.36, (ὑπ-) ib.1621.68, ἔζωσται Hp. Art. l.c.; also in med. sense (v. infr.): rare in Att., even in compds.:

I gird, esp. gird round the loins for a pugilistic conflict (v. infr.), ἄγον ζώσαντες ἀνάγκῃ Od. 18.76 (here only Act. in Hom.); ζῶσέ [μιν].. Ἀθήνη Hes. Op. 72; ζ. τινά hug him in wrestling, Paus. 8.40.2; ζ. γαῖαν, of Ocean, AP 9.778 (Phil.); ζ. νῆα ὅπλῳ,= ὑποζώννυμι 11, A.R. 1.368: c. dupl. acc., ζ. τινὰ ζώνην LXX Leviticus 8:7, cf. 1 Samuel 17:39.


1. Med., ζώννῠμαι, gird oneself, esp. of athletes. γυμνός, ζωννυμένων τῶν πρὶν ἐνὶ σταδίῳ IG 7.52.6 (Megara, iv B.C.); τὼ δὲ ζωσαμένω βήτην ἐς μέσσον ἀγῶνα Il. 23.685, cf. 710; ζώννυνταί τε νέοι καὶ ἐπεντύνονται ἄεθλα Od. 24.89; Ὀδυσσεὺς ζώσατο μὲν ῥάκεσιν περὶ μήδεα 18.67, cf. Parth. 10.2.

2. generally, gird up one's loins for battle, ζώννυσθαι ἄνωγεν Ἀργείους Il. 11.15; ζώννυσθαι [ζωστῆρι ] 10.78: c. acc., ὅθι ζωννύσκετο μίτρην 5.857 (vulg.); ζώσατο δὲ ζώνην 14.181 (vulg.); χαλκὸν ζώννυσθαι 23.130; ἐς γόνυ μέχρι χιτῶνα ζώννυσθαι Call. Dian. 12; χιτῶνα εἰς μηρὸν ἔζωστο Plu. Ant. 4; for labour, Hes. Op. 345; ἐπὶ βουσίν A.R. 1.426, etc.; ζώννυσθαι τὰς κοιλίας ζώναις Theopomp.Hist. 39a.


1. Pass., to be fixed by means of girths, LXX 1 Maccabees 6:37.

2. to be formed in belts or seams, καδμεία ἐζωσμένη (ἐξωσμ- codd.) prob. in Ps.-Democr. Alch. p.45B. (cf. ζωνῖτις). (ζω (ς)- from I.- E. yôs-, cf. Lith. júosti 'to gird', júostas, Avest. yâsta-,= ζωστός 'girt'.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ζώννυμι and ζωννύω: imperfect 2 person singular ἐζωνυες; fut, ζώσω; 1 aorist middle imperative ζῶσαι; to gird: τινα, John 21:18; Middle to gird oneself: Acts 12:8 L T Tr WH. (Exodus 29:9; Homer, et al.) (Compare: ἀναζώννυμι, διαζώννυμι, περιζώννυμι, ὑποζώννυμι.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ζώννυμι and ζωννύω ,

[in LXX chiefly for H2296;]

to gird: c. acc pers., John 21:18. Mid., to gird oneself: Acts 12:8 (cf. ἀνα -, δια -, περι -, ὑπο -ζώννυμι ). †

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
εζωννυες εζώννυες ἐζώννυες έζωσά εζώσατο έζωσεν εζωσμένος εζωσμένους Ζωσαι ζώσαι Ζῶσαι ζώσασθε ζωσει ζώσει ζώσεις ζώσεται ζώση ezonnues ezōnnues ezonnyes ezōnnyes ezṓnnyes Zosai Zôsai Zōsai Zō̂sai zosei zōsei zṓsei
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