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Strong's #2333 - Θευδᾶς

of uncertain origin
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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Theudas = "God-given"
  1. the name of an insurgent mentioned in Gamaliel's speech before the Jewish council, Acts 5:35-39, at the time of the arraignment of the apostles. He appeared, according to Luke's account, at the head of about four hundred men. He was probably one of the insurrectionary chiefs or fanatics by whom the land was overrun in the last year of Herod's reign. Josephus speaks of a Theudas who played a similar part at the time of Claudius, about A.D. 44; but the Theudas mentioned by Luke must be a different person from the one spoken of by Josephus.
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Thayer's Expanded Definition

Θευδᾶς (probably contracted from θεοδωρος, Winers Grammar, 103 (97); especially Lightfoot on Colossians 4:15; on its inflection cf. Buttmann, 20 (18)), , Theudas, an impostor who instigated a rebellion which came to a wretched end in the time of Augustus: Acts 5:36. Josephus (Antiquities, 20, 5, 1) makes mention of one Theudas, a magician, who came into notice by pretending that he was a prophet and was destroyed when Cuspius Fadus governed Judaea in the time of Claudius. Accordingly, many interpreters hold that there were two insurgents by the name of Theudas; while others, with far greater probability, suppose that the mention of Theudas is ascribed to Gamaliel by an anachronism on the part of Luke. On the different opinions of others cf. Meyer on Acts, the passage cited; Winers RWB, under the word; Keim in Schenkel see 510f; (especially Hackett in B. D., under the word).

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(perh. contr. from Θεόδωρος , but v. MM, Exp., xv), - , ,

Theudas: Acts 5:36.†

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Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The name occurs in a sepulchral inscr. from Hierapolis, Syll 872, where Flavius Zeuxis, ἐργαστής (? a frumentarius : he speaks of his seventy-two voyages past Cape Malea to Italy. His name suggests a late date in i/A.D., or not far on in ii/A.D.), has two sons, Flavius Theodorus and Flavius Theudas. On the ordinary assumption (Blass-Debrunner Gr. § 125, 2) this would be like having a Theodore and a Teddy as baptismal names of brothers. Are we to infer that Theudas is short for something else, say Theodotus? To judge without an exhaustive study, the abbreviated names were used together with the full forms much as they are with us : thus Acusilaus in P Tebt II. 409 (A.D. 5) is Acûs on the back of the letter, and in P Oxy I. 119 (ii/iii A.D.) (= Selections, p. 102 f.) young Theon calls himself Theonas in the address. In P Oxy X. 1242i. 14 (early iii/A.D.) we hear of Θεύδης as one of the members of a Jewish embassy to Trajan.


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