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Strong's #2820 - κληρόω

from (G2819)
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  1. to cast lots, determine by lot
  2. to choose by lot
  3. to allot, assign by lot
    1. on to another as a possession
  4. in NT: to make a lot, i.e. a heritage, private possession
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3920 ‑ לָכַד (law‑kad');  5159 ‑ נַחֲלָה (nakh‑al‑aw');  7121 ‑ קָרָא (kaw‑raw');  
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ASV (1)
Ephesians 1
BSB (1)
Ephesians 1
CSB (1)
Ephesians 1
ESV (1)
Ephesians 1
KJV (1)
Ephesians 1
LEB (0)
The Lexham English Bible
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LSB (3)
Ephesians 3
N95 (2)
Ephesians 2
NAS (3)
Ephesians 2
NLT (1)
Ephesians 3
WEB (1)
Ephesians 1
YLT (1)
Ephesians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Dor. κλᾱρόω, inf. κλαρώεν Foed.Delph.Pell. 1 A 6, κλαρώειν SIG 647.33 (Stiris, ii B.C.): (κλῆρος A):


1. appoint by lot, ἐξ ἁπάντων τὰς ἀρχάς Isoc. 7.22; ἀθλητάς Arist. Rh. 1393b5; διαιρετὰς τῶν κτημάτων SIG 364.9 (Ephesus, iii B.C.); τὰ δικαστήρια ib.647.33; ἄλλον [ἱερόν ] IG 5(1).1390.6(Andania, i B.C.); also, of the lot, fall on, οὓς ἐκλήρωσεν πάλος E. Ion 416: Med., cast lots for office, of candidates, ἂν ἔλθῃ κληρωσόμενος τῶν ἐννέα ἀρχόντων Lys. 6.4, cf. 24.13; κ. ἱερωσύνης D. 57.62; κληρουμένων ἐπιμελῶς Arist. Ath. 27.4; ὃς ἂν κληρούμενος λαγχάνῃ Pl. Plt. 298e: Pass., to be appointed by lot, Arist. Ath. 43.2, Decr.ib. 30.5, SIG 525.11 (Crete, iii B.C.), IG 5(1).1390.132 (Andania, i B.C.), etc.; [ πρόεδροι] κεκληρωμένοι D. 24.89; κεκληρῶσθαι ἄρχειν Luc. Luct. 2.

2. cast lots, Pl. Lg. 759c, 856d; κληρώσω πάντας I will make all draw lots, Ar. Ec. 682; κ. τὰς φυλάς Plb. 6.20.2: Med., A. Th. 55, Ar. Ec. 836, D. 21.133; ὅτε ἐκληροῦσθε when you were drawing lots, Id. 19.1.

3. Med., have allotted one, obtain by lot, δεσπότας E. Tr. 29; ἱερωσύνην Aeschin. 1.188; ἀμπέλων δεκανίαν IGRom. 4.1675 (Lydia): metaph., obtain as one's sphere or province, τὸ ταὐτὸν ὁ δημιουργὸς ἐκληρώσατο Dam. Pr. 321; Astrol., ἥλιος κληρωσάμενος τὴν ὥραν Vett.Val. 61.1; κεκληρῶσθαι to be in possession of, to have, Hp. 20, Procl. Inst. 110; τὴν καρδίαν κεκλήρωται ἐπὶ τῇ φάρυγγι Ael. NA 5.31.


1. allot, assign, ὔμμε δ' ἐκλάρωσε πότμος Ζηνί Pi. O. 8.15; μοίρας, τὴν μὲν ἐπὶ μονῇ, τὴν δ' ἐπὶ ἐξόδῳ Hdt. 1.94; ἓν ἑκάστῳ ἐκλήρωσαν Th. 6.42: Pass., ἐκληρώθην δούλη E. Hec. 100 (anap.).

2. ὀμφὰν κ. deliver an oracle by lot, Id. Ion 908 (lyr.).

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κληρόω, κλήρῳ: 1 aorist passive ἐκληρωθην; (κλῆρος); in classical Greek:

1. to cast lots, determine by lot.

2. to choose by lot: τινα (Herodotus 1, 94; others).

3. to allot, assign by lot: τινα τίνι, one to another as a possession, Pindar Ol. 8, 19.

4. once in the N. T., "to make a κλῆρος i. e., a heritage, private possession": τινα, passive ἐν ἐκληρώθημεν (but Lachmann ἐκλλεθημεν) in whom lies the reason why we were made the κλῆρος τοῦ Θεοῦ (a designation transferred from the Jews in the O. T. to Christians, cf. Additions to Esther 3:10 [Esther 4:234:17f] (4 line 12f (Tdf.)) and Fritzsche, in the place cited; (cf. Deuteronomy 4:20; Deuteronomy 9:29)), the heritage of God Ephesians 1:11 (see Ellicott, in the place cited). (In ecclesiastical writings it signifies to become a clergyman (see references under the word κλῆρος, at the end).) (Compare: προσκληρόω.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

κληρόω , - ,

[in LXX: 1 Samuel 14:41 (H3920 ni.), Ezra 4:11 A (H7121 ni.), Isaiah 17:11*;]

1. to cast lots.

2. to choose by lot.

3. to assign by lot, assign a portion: pass., ἐν ᾧ καὶ ἐκληρώθημεν , Ephesians 1:11 (on the various interpretations, v. ICC; AR; Ellic., in l).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

κληρόω is common in the pass. = ";am assigned"; or ";chosen,"; e.g. P Iand 27.4 (A.D. 100–1) ἐκληρ [ ]θημεν εἰς [γε ]ω ̣ργίαν, BGU II. 625.5 (ii/iii A.D.) γείνωσκε, ἄδελφε, ἐκληρώθην εἰς τὰ βουκόλια : cf. Ephesians 1:11 ἐν ᾧ. καὶ ἐκληρώθημεν, ";in whom also we were made a heritage"; (RV). The AV rendering ";in whom also we have obtained an inheritance"; seems at first sight to gain support from such passages as P Tebt II. 391.10 (agreement concerning tax-collecting—A.D. 99) τὸν μὲν Ἀθηνόδ (ωρον) καὶ Ἡρακλῆν κεκληρῶσθαι τοὺς ἐν τῇ κώμῃ καταγινομένους καὶ ἐπικαθημένους ἄνδρες, ";that Athenodorus and Heracles have been allotted the inhabitants of and settlers in the village"; (Edd.) and BGU II. 405.8 (A.D. 348) ἐπιδὴ λίθον σιτοκόπτην καὶ σιταλετικὴν μηχανήν, πατρῷα ἡμῶν ὄντα, ἐκληρώθημεν κτλ., but, as Armitage Robinson (ad Eph l.c.) points out, this meaning ";am assigned a thing"; seems to be justified only when the ace. of the object assigned is expressed.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
εκληρωθημεν εκληρώθημεν ἐκληρώθημεν κληρώση κληρωτί eklerothemen eklerṓthemen eklērōthēmen eklērṓthēmen
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