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Strong's #4155 - πνίγω

strengthened from (G4154)
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  1. to choke, strangle
    1. of thorns crowding out the seed in the field and hindering its growth
  2. to wring one's neck, throttle
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1204 ‑ בָּעַת (baw‑ath');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (2)
Matthew 1
Mark 1
NAS (2)
Matthew 1
Mark 1
HCS (3)
Matthew 2
Mark 1
BSB (3)
Matthew 2
Mark 1
ESV (2)
Matthew 1
Mark 1
WEB (2)
Matthew 1
Mark 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

πνίγ-ω [ ],

Sophr. 68, al., Antipho 4.1.6, Herod. 4.31, etc.: impf. ἔπνῑγον Ar. Nu. 1376: fut. πνίξω ( ἀπο- ) Pl.Com. 198, Antiph. 171; Dor. 2 pl. fut. πνιξεῖσθε Epich. 155: aor. ἔπνιξα, imper. πνῖξον, Cratin. 27, Hdt. 2.92, Batr. 158: Pass., fut. πνῐγήσομαι Gal. Nat.Fac. 1.17, ( ἀπο- ) Ar. Nu. 1504, Hp. Morb. 3.16; also ἀπο-πεπνίξομαι Eun. VS p.463 B.: aor. ἐπνίχθην ( ἀπ- ) Aret. SA 1.7; but ἐπνίγην [ ] Batr. 148, Aret. SD 1.11, ( ἀπ- ) Pherecr. 159, Pl. Grg. 512a, D. 32.6, etc.: pf. πέπνιγμαι, v. infr.11. The simple verb is less freq. than the compd. ἀποπνίγω: — choke, throttle, strangle, Sophr.l.c., etc.; of a doctor, πνίγων . . πικρότατα πόματα διδούς Pl. Grg. 522a; ἂν ὕλη πνίγῃ [τὸν σῖτον ] X. Oec. 17.14: prov., ὅταν τὸ ὕδωρ πνίγῃ, τί δεῖ ἐπιπίνειν; Arist. EN 1146a35: Pass., to be choked, stifled, ἐπνιγόμην τὰ σπλάγχνα Ar. Nu. 1036; αἱ ὑστερικῶς πνιγόμεναι Antyll. ap. Orib. 10.19.1 .

2. impers. πνίγει, of great heat, it is stifling, Arist. Pr. 941b4, 944a7 .

3. metaph., vex, torment, ἕνα χαλκοῦν ἀποβαλὼν αὑτὸν π. Phld. Ir. p.37 W.; ὃ δὲ μάλιστά με πνίγει v.l. in Luc. Prom. 17; oppress by exactions, 'squeeze', Jul. Mis. 368c .

II cook in a close-covered vessel, bake, stew, Hdt. 2.92; δικίδιον . . ἐν λοπάδι πεπνιγμένον Ar. V. 511; πεπνιγμένος Metag. 6 . 9 .

III drown (cf. πνῖξις 11 ), in Pass., X. An. 5.7.25: metaph., of plants, τὰ φυτὰ . . τοῖς πολλοῖς [ὕδασι] πνίγεται Plu. 2.9b .

Thayer's Expanded Definition

πνίγω: imperfect ἐπνιγον; 1 aorist ἐπνιξα; imperfect passive 3 person plural ἐπνίγοντο;

a. to choke, strangle: used of thorns crowding down the seed sown in a field and hindering its growth, Matthew 13:7 T WH marginal reading; in the passive of perishing by drowning (Xenophon, anab. 5, 7, 25; cf. Josephus, Antiquities 10, 7, 5), Mark 5:13.

b. to wring one's neck, throttle (A. V. to take one by the throat): Matthew 18:28. (Compare: ἀποπνίγω, ἐπιπνίγω, συμπνίγω.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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All rights rserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

πνίγω ,

[in LXX: 1 Samuel 16:14-15 (H1204 pi.) *;]

to choke: c. acc, Matthew 13:7 (WH, mg.); impf. (coniative), Matthew 18:28; of drowning, pass., Mark 5:13 (cf. ἀπο -, ἐπι -, συν -πνίγω ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

in its original meaning ";bring forward,"; ";produce,"; is seen in the illiterate P Fay 119.21 (c. A.D. 100) σήμανόν μυ ποῦ [κ ]ῖται εἵνα αὐτὰ προέλωι, ";let me know where they (sc. documents) lie that I may get them out"; : Menandrea p. 44.15 provides a new literary ex. For the mid. προαιρέομαι, ";prefer,"; ";propose,"; as in 2 Corinthians 9:7 cf. P Fay 12.25 (c. B.C. 103) προ [ ]ρημένος ἐπεξελθεῖν, ";having decided to proceed against them,"; and the letter of Vespasian confirming certain privileges granted by Claudius to a Gymnastic Club—P Lond 1178.36 (A.D. 194) (= III. p. 217) αὐτὸς φυλάττειν [π ]ροαιροῦμαι. See also P Petr III. 53 (q).2 (iii/B.C.) (= Witkowski.2, p. 44) εἰ ἔρρωσαι, μεθ᾽ ὧν προαιρῇ (";vis";) . . [ἔχοι ] ἂν εὖ.

The subst. προαίρεσις, which is not found in the NT (cf. Carr Hor. Bibl. p. 132), may be illustrated by P Par 63.88 (B.C. 164) (= P Petr III. p. 20) παρὰ τὴν ἰδίαν προαί [ρεσιν, ";contrary to our usual policy"; (Mahaffy), P Oxy II. 237vi. 30 (A.D. 186) τῇ ἀπλανήτῳ προαιρέσει ἀνενεγκών, ";exercising your unerring judgment"; (Edd.), and the Imperial edict P Fay 20.13 (iii/iv A.D.) διὰ τὴν ἐμαυτοῦ προαίρεσιν. It passes into the meaning ";affection,"; ";goodwill,"; in P Giss I. 68.10 (time of Trajan /Hadrian) οἶδα τὴν προαίρεσιν ἣν εἷχες πρὸς αὐτόν, and P Oxy XIV. 1664.3 (iii/A.D.) μεμνημένη τῆς ἀγαθῆς σου προαιρέσεως. For the προαιρέτης βιβλιοθήκης, see Preisigke Girowesen, p. 410,


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
έπνιγε επνιγεν έπνιγεν ἔπνιγεν επνιγοντο επνίγοντο ἐπνίγοντο πνίγει epnigen épnigen epnigonto epnígonto
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