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Strong's #5114 - τομώτερος

comparative of a derivative of the primary temno (to cut, more comprehensive or decisive than (G2875), as if by a single stroke, whereas that implies repeated blows, like hacking)
Parts of Speech
  1. sharper
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Compound of a derivative of the primary word τεìμνω temnō (to cut; more comprehensive or decisive than G2875,


(A), Ion., Dor., and τάμνω, Il. 3.105, al. (τέμνω once in Hom., Od. 3.175), Hdt. 2.65, Democr. 263, Hp. Acut. 22, SIG 1026.20 (Cos, Pass.), cf. ἀποτέμνω, διατέμνω: 3 sg. pres. τέμει only in Il. 13.707 (2 sg. τέμεις prob. in Epigr. ap. Suid. s.v. βοῦς ἕβδομος): τέμνω is f.l. in Pi. P. 3.68 and v.l. in O. 13.57, cf. τάμνω ib. 12.6, B. 5.17, 16.4, but is the only Att. pres., Th. 3.26, IG 12.76.56, etc. (v. also τμήγω): Iterat. τέμνεσκον A.R. 1.1215, Q.S. 6.217: fut. τεμῶ E. Ba. 493, Th. 1.82, etc.; Ion. τεμέω Hp. Jusj.: aor. Ion. and Dor. ἔτᾰμον, τάμον, Il. 3.292, al., SIG 4.10 (Cyzicus, vi B.C.), Pi. N. 3.33, Hdt. 7.132; inf. ταμέειν Il. 19.197; Att. ἔτεμον Th. 6.7, IG 22.1666 A 8, etc.: pf. τέτμηκα Arist. SE 178a21, (ἀπο-) Pl. Men. 85a; Dor. 3 sg. τετμάκει Archim. Con.Sph. 22, 26; Ion. and part. (in pass. sense) τετμηώς A.R 4.156: Med., fut. τεμοῦμαι (ὑπο-) Ar. Eq. 291 (lyr.), X. Cyr. 1.4.19, etc.: aor. ἐταμόμην, inf. ταμέσθαι Il. 9.580; Att. ἐτεμόμην Pl. Plt. 280d (ἀπ-), Luc. Pr.Im. 24: Pass., fut. τμηθήσομαι Arist. LI 968b17; Dor. τμα- Archim. Aequil. 2.2; also τετμήσομαι Philostr. VA 4.24, (ἐκ-) Pl. R. 564c: aor. ἐτμήθην E. Tr. 480, Th. 2.18, etc.; Dor. ἐτμα- Archim. Con.Sph. 11: pf. τέτμημαι Od. 17.195, Th. 3.26, etc.; Dor. τετμα- Archim. Con.Sph. 12 (τετμη- Pi. I. 6(5).22 codd.): cut, in Hom. and elsewhere usu. of particular kinds of cutting (v. infr.); generally, ὀδόντας οἵους τέμνειν fit for cutting, X. Mem. 1.4.6; τοιοῦτον τμῆμα τέμνεται τὸ τεμνόμενον, οἷον τὸ τέμνον τέμνει; Pl. Grg. 476d.

2. cut, wound, maim, ἀλλήλων ταμέειν χρόα χαλκῷ Il. 13.501, 16.761; πρὸς δέρην τ. wound her in the neck, A. Eu. 592; οἱ στενοὶ (sc. τελαμῶνες) τέμνουσι narrow bandages cut the patient, Sor. 1.83.

3. of a surgeon, cut, ἐκ μηροῦ τ. βέλος Il. 11.844; τ. τὰν κοιλίαν IG 42(1).122.40 (Epid., iv B.C.); τὴν χεῖρα (in blood-letting) Gal. 16.810: abs., use the knife, as opp. to cautery (κάειν), ἤτοι κέαντες ἢ τεμόντες A. Ag. 849, cf. X. An. 5.8.18, Pl. Grg. 456b, 480c, 521e, etc.: Pass., to be operated upon, Hp. Aph. 7.44, Pl. Grg. 479a.

4. cut, castrate, ἐρίφους, βοῦν, κάπρον, Hes. Op. 786, 791; of men, Luc. Syr. D. 15.

5. prune vines, LXX Leviticus 25:3, cf. Isaiah 5:6 (Pass.); cut, i.e. gather, herbs, Dsc. 3.132 (Pass.). II cut up, cut to pieces, of animals, Il. 9.209; τ. μελεϊστί, διὰ μελεϊστί, κατὰ μέλη, 24.409, Od. 9.291, Pi. O. 1.49; τ. ἰχθῦς Hdt. 2.65, cf. 3.42, etc.: Med., ταμνομένους κρέα πολλά Od. 24.364. slaughter, sacrifice, ταμέειν Διί τ' Ἠελίῳ τε Il. 19.197; σφάγια τ. E. Supp. 1196: Pass., σφάγια τέμνεται Id. Heracl. 400.

2. ὅρκια τάμνειν sacrifice in attestation of an oath, and hence, take solemn oaths, Il. 2.124, Od. 24.483, etc. (also in late Prose, as Plb. 21.24.3, 21.32.15, al.); Φιλότητα καὶ ὅρκια πιστὰ ταμόντες Il. 3.73, etc.; θάνατόν νύ τοι ὅρκι' ἔταμνον I made a truce which was death to thee, 4.155; ἐπὶ τούτοισι τ. ὅρκιον on these terms, Hdt. 7.132; without ὅρκιον, τ. τισὶ μένειν τὸ ὅρκιον make a covenant that.., Id. 4.201; also σπονδὰς τέμωμεν E. Hel. 1235; ἆρα φίλιά μοι τεμεῖ; Id. Supp. 376 (lyr.): Med., of two parties, ὅρκια τάμνεσθαι Hdt. 4.70.

3. φάρμακον τέμνειν cut or chop up a plant for purposes of medicine or witchcraft, Pl. Lg. 836b: metaph., ib. 919b, 353e: hence πόρον or ἄκος τέμνειν contrive a means or remedy, A. Supp. 807 (lyr., dub.l.), E. Andr. 121 (lyr.).

4. divide, of a river, μέσην τ. Λιβύην cut it in twain, Hdt. 2.33, cf. E. El. 411; of a mountain-chain, D.P. 340, 890; τ. δίχα cleave in two, Pl. Smp. 190d:- Med., ἑπτὰ μέρη τεμόμενος having divided it into seven parts, Id. Lg. 695c: Pass., γραμμὴ δίχα τετμημένη Id. R. 509d; τετμημένος ἐξ ἑνὸς δύο cut from one into two, Id. Smp. 191d. διὰ τῆς δριμυφαγίας εἰ καὶ τὸ πάχος τέμνοιτο τοῦ γάλακτος were to be diluted, thinned, Sor. 1.98; ἡ τῆς πτισάνης [ὕλη] τ. καὶ ὑγραίνει τὰ τῆς ἀναπτύσεως δεόμενα Gal. 15.507, cf. 6.352, 14.742; τέμνειν καὶ λεπτύνειν τὰ παχέα τῶν ὑγρῶν Id. 6.760, cf. Vict.Att. 1, al.

5. divide logically, τ. δίχα Pl. Phlb. 49a, Plt. 287b; τ. τὸν ἀριθμὸν ἀρτίῳ καὶ περιττῷ into even and odd, ib. 262e, cf. 266e, al.; εἰς δύο μέρη τέμνουσι [τὴν πραγματείαν ] Sor. 1.1: Pass., διχῇ τέμνεσθαι Pl. Sph. 223c. III cut off, sever ἐκ κεφαλέων τρίχας Il. 3.273; κεφαλὴν ἀπὸ δειρῆς 18.177; δρακόντοιν κάρα A. Ch. 1047, cf. S. Ph. 619; λαιμούς τινος Ar. Av. 1560; πλόκον, φόβας, βόστρυχον, S. Aj. 1179, El. 449, 901 (Pass.), etc.; τράχηλον σώματος χωρίς E. Ba. 241; Ὕδραν τ. Pl. R. 426e: with double acc., ἐρινεὸν ὀξέϊ χαλκῷ τάμνε νέους ὄρπηκας cut the branches off the fig-tree, Il. 21.38 (ἐρινεοῦ cj. Agar): Pass., τρίχας ἐτμήθην had them cut off, E. Tr. 480.

2. part off, mark off, τέλσον ἀρούρης Il. 13.707; τέμενος 6.194; so in Med., 9.580; also τάμνοντ' ἀμφὶ βοῶν ἀγέλας they cut them off, surrounded them, 18.528. cut down, fell, of trees and timber, δένδρεα, δρῦς, φιτρούς, 11.88, 23.119, Od. 12.11, etc.; δοῦρα Hes. Op. 807; τίς.. ἔτεμε τὰν δακρυόεσσαν Ἰλίῳ πεύκαν; E. Hel. 231 (lyr.); τ. ὕλην Th. 2.98; τ. ξύλα ἐκ τοῦ Κιθαιρῶνος ib. 75; χάρακας ἐκ τοῦ τεμένους Id. 3.70: Pass., [ μελίη] χαλκῷ ταμνομένη Il. 13.180; ῥόπαλον τετμημένον Od. 17.195; ἡ ὕλη ἡ τετμ. the felled timber, D. 42.30: Med., δοῦρα τάμνεσθαι fell oneself timber, Od. 5.243, cf. Hdt. 5.82, E. Hec. 634 (lyr.).

2. λίθον τ. hew or quarry it, IG 12.76.56, cf. 22.1666 A 8, 42(1).102.41, al. (Epid., iv B.C.), Pl. Criti. 116a, PPetr. 2p.6 (iii B.C.), D.S. 5.13; τ. μέταλλον open or work a mine, Hyp. Eux. 35 (Pass.): Med., λίθους τάμνεσθαι have them wrought or hewn, Hdt. 1.186.

3. cut down for purposes of destruction, γῆς τ. βλαστήματα E. Hec. 1204; τ. τὸν σῖτον X. Mem. 2.1.13; also τ. τὴν γῆν lay waste the country by felling the fruit-trees, cutting the corn, etc., Hdt. 9.86, cf. Th. 2.19, 55, And. 3.8 (Pass.); τῆς γῆς ἔτεμον οὐ πολλήν Th. 6.7: c. partit. gen., τῆς γῆς τ. waste part of it, Id. 1.30, 2.56: Pass., ib. 18, 20. cut into shape, δέρμα βόειον Od. 14.24; ἱμάντας ἐκ τοῦ δέρματος Hdt. 5.25: Med., νομέας ταμόμενοι Id. 1.194. cut lengthwise, τ. γῆν, ἄρουραν, plough it, Sol. 13.47, A. Fr. 196.

2. τ. ὁδόν cut or make a road, τ. ὁδοὺς εὐθείας Th. 2.100; τ. διάπλους ἐκ τῶν διωρύχων Pl. Criti. 118e; τάφρον τεμέσθαι PHal. 1.107 (iii B.C.); ὁ τέμνων (sc. τὴν τάφρον) ib. 110: metaph., ὀχετοὺς ἐπὶ τὸν πλεύμονα ἔτεμον carried channels or ducts to the lungs, Pl. Ti. 70d, cf. 77c; οὐκ.. ἐγὼ πρῶτος ταύτην ἐτεμόμην τὴν ὁδόν Luc. Pr.Im. 24: Pass., μυρίαι τέτμηνται κέλευθοι Pi. I. 6(5).22; οὐ τετμημένων [τῶν] ὁδῶν Hdt. 4.136, etc. make one's way, advance, ὦ τὴν ἐν ἄστροις.. τέμνων ὁδὸν.. Ἥλιε E. Ph. 1; διὰ μέσου.. αἰθέρος τέμνων κέλευθον Ar. Th. 1100; τὴν μεσόγαιαν τ. τῆς ὁδοῦ take the inland road, strike through the interior, Hdt. 7.124, 9.89: metaph., μέσον τι τέμνειν hold a middle course, Pl. Prt. 338a; τὴν μέσην τ. Plu. 2.7b; μέσον τινὰ [βίον] τ. Pl. Lg. 793a; βιότοιο τ. τρίβον AP 9.359 (Posidipp. or Pl.Com.), 360 (Metrod.): abs., make one's way, A.R. 2.1244, 4.771.

3. of ships, cut through the waves, plough the sea, τ. πέλαγος μέσον, κύματα θαλάσσης, Od. 3.175, 13.88, cf. Pi. P. 3.68: metaph., ψεύδη.. τάμνοισαι κυλίνδοντ' ἐλπίδες men's hopes are tossed about as they cut through the sea of lies, Id. O. 12.6: of birds, αἰθέρος αὔλακα τ. cleave the air, Ar. Av. 1400, cf. h.Cer. 383, E. Epigr. 2. cut short, bring to a crisis or decision, μαχᾶν τ. τέλος Pi. O. 13.57; κίνδυνον τ. σιδάρῳ E. Heracl. 758 (lyr.); λόγῳ τὰ διάφορα τεμεῖν Lib. Or. 18.164; τὰς δίκας τ. Cod.Just. 3.1.12, cf., al. ταμών metaph.for ἀρύσας, Emp. 143. (Cf.Slovenian τνèμ τéęti 'to hack', Ir. tamnaim 'I mutilate'.)

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

* τομός , - , -όν

(< τέμνω ),

sharp: compar., -ώτερος , metaph., Hebrews 4:12.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
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For the trans, use of this verb ";sing to the praise of,"; as in Acts 16:25, cf. OGIS 56.66 (B.C. 238) ὑμνεῖσθαι δ᾽ αὐτήν (sc. τὴν θεάν), and Syll 721 ( = .3 662).12 (c. B.C. 165–4) τούς τε θεοὺς. . . καὶ τὸν δῆμον τὸν Ἀθηναίων ὕμνησεν. For a curious ex. of a vi/A.D. Byzantine hymn, see P Lond 1029 ( = III. p. 284) : the verb ὑμνολογέω is found in line3.


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