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Strong's #5138 - τραχύς

Root Word (Etymology)
perhaps strengthened from the base of (G4486) (as if jagged by rents)
Parts of Speech
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  1. rough, rocky
    1. of places of the sea
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 386 ‑ אֵתָן (ay‑thawn');  7406 ‑ רֶכֶס (reh'‑kes);  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

τρᾱχ-ύς, εῖα, ύ:

and Ion. τρηχύς, fem. -εῖα, -εῖαν, -είης, neut. -ύ (Hom. (v. infr.), Hes. Op. 291, Theoc. 25.74); in Ion. Prose fem. τρηχέᾰ, acc. τρηχέᾰν, gen. τρηχέης, dat. τρηχέῃ (imperfectly preserved in codd.; in Hdt. 4.23, 9.122, codd. ABCP have τρηχέη, -έην, -έης, RSV have -εῖα, -εῖαν, -είης; for codd. Hp. v. Kühleweinip. lxxxvi); τρηχείην (before conson.) Simon. 89 codd., A.R. 2.375 codd.; τρηχείης (as pr. n.) Hippon. 47; gen. pl. neut. ἐρίων.. τρηχείων GDI 5633.14 (Teos); dual in Trag. τραχεῖ, Ion Trag.67:

jagged, λίθος Il. 5.308; χαλινοί, opp. λεῖοι, X. Eq. 9.9, cf. 10.6; τ. καὶ γωνιοειδής Thphr. Sens. 65; prickly, ἄκανθαι, ἄκανθα, Plu. 2.32e, 138d (both Sup.); rugged, ἀκτή, ἀταρπός, Od. 5.425, 14.1; as epith. of Ithaca, 9.27, 10.417; so γῆ λιθώδης καὶ τρηχέα Hdt. 4.23; Χερσονήσου τῆς Τρηχέης καλεομένης, of the Crimea, ib. 99; and freq. in Trag. and Att. of rocky districts, A. Pr. 726, E. Fr. 1083; τὰ τραχέα, τὰ τραχύτατα, X. Cyn. 4.10, Plu. Flam. 4; τ. καὶ χαλεπὴ ὁδός Pl. R. 328e; also, rough, γλῶσσα Hp. Morb. 2.63; ἔρια GDI l. c., PCair.Zen. 287.2 (iii B. C.); σφόγγοι ib. 12.56 (iii B. C.); χῆμαι ib. 82.12 (iii B. C.); σινδόνες (towels, opp. μαλακαί) Gal. 6.418; χερσὶ μὴ πάνυ μαλακαῖς, ὥσπερ αὖ μηδὲ τραχείαις, ἀνατρίβειν τὸ σῶμα ib.417; τὰ τ. κατὰ τὰς ἀνωμαλίας ἀλλήλοις ἐμπλεκόμενα ἑνοῦται, τὰ δὲ λεῖα κτλ. Diocl.Fr. 26; βλέφαρα Sor. 2.16, PTeb. 273 intr. (ii/iii A. D.); shaggy, τὰ κάτωθεν τ. καὶ τραγοειδής, of Pan, Pl. Cra. 408d, cf. 420e; λάσιον καὶ τ. [τὸ κέαρ].. ἔχοντες Id. Tht. 194e; τ. σώματα, opp. λεῖα, X. Mem. 3.10.1; of the voice, harsh, Pl. Ti. 67c, etc.; esp. of the voice of boys, when it breaks, μεταβάλλειν ἐπὶ τὸ -ύτερον Arist. HA 581a18; τὸ τ. τῆς φωνῆς Plu. Ma 14; and of a person, τῇ φωνῇ τ. X. An. 2.6.9; also τραχυτάτη γλῶσσα (cf. τραχύστομος) Str. 14.2.28; of sounds and their combinations, harsh, opp. λεῖος, σύνθεσις, διάλεκτος, Phld. Po.Herc. 994.32,36: on τραχεῖα ἀρτηρία, v. ἀρτηρία.

2. of battle and conflict, ὑσμίνη Hes. Sc. 119; νιφὰς πολέμοιο Pi. I. 4(3).17(35), cf. Simon. 89; φάλαγγες Tyrt. 12.22.

3. of natural forces, ῥόθιον A. Pr. 1048 (anap.); -ύτερα τὰ νοσήματα ἀπεργάζεσθαι Pl. Ti. 84c; of a river, Plu. Alex. 60, etc.; ἄελλαι A.R. 1.1078.

4. of persons, their acts, feelings, or conditions, rough, harsh, savage, τ. ἔφεδρος Pi. N. 4.96; οὐ τ. εἰμι καταθέμεν I am not niggardly in paying, ib. 7.76; Ἡσυχία Id. P. 8.10; ἅπας δὲ τ. ὅστις ἂν νέον κρατῇ A. Pr. 35, cf. 188 (anap.), 326; δικαστὴς τ. εἶ Id. Ag. 1421; τ. γε.. δῆμος Id. Th. 1049; τ. καὶ τεθηγμένους λόγους Id. Pr. 313; τ. ὀργή E. Med. 447; λεῖον καὶ τ. πάθημα Pl. Ti. 63e; νόμοι τραχύτατοι Id. Lg. 864c; τὸ τ. τοῦ ἤθους, τοῦ νόμου, Id. Cra. 406a, R. 452c; -ύτερα πράγματα Isoc. 7.18; εὐνομίη τραχέα λειαίνει smooths the rough places, Sol. 4.35.

II Adv. τρᾱχέως, Ion. τρηχέως, rare in the literal sense, roughly, τ. ὑλακτεῖν Plu. Arat. 8; neut. as Adv., τρηχὺ φωνῇ ἠπείλει Theoc. 25.74; θάλασσα τραχὺ βοᾷ AP 5.179 (Mel.).

2. of men's acts, τρηχέως περιέπειν τινά handle roughly, Hdt. 1.73, 114; τραχέως ἔχειν to be rough, harshly disposed, Isoc. 3.33; τινι D. 19.45; -ύτερον ἄρχειν Isoc. 3.55; τ. ἀποκρίνεσθαι Plu. Phoc. 21, etc.; τ. φέρειν take hardly, Id. Lys. 15; rarely τραχυτέρως, Pl. Clit. 406a; περιέφθησαν τρηχύτατα Hdt. 6.15. (Prob. cogn. with θράσσω, cf. ἐνθράσσω.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

τραχύς, τραχεῖα, τραχυ, from Homer down, rough: ὁδοί, Luke 3:5; τόποι, rocky places (in the sea), Acts 27:29.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

τραχύς , -εῖα , - ,

[in LXX: Isaiah 40:4 (H7406), etc.;]

rough: ὁδοί (Is, l.c.), Luke 3:5 (LXX); τοποί (i.e. rocky), Acts 27:29.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

This compd. adv. (cf. ἐπέκεινα), ";beyond yonder,"; is found only in 2 Corinthians 10:16 and eccles. writers. For the form see Blass-Debrunner § 116. 3.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
τραχεία τραχειαι τραχείαι τραχεῖαι τραχείαν τραχείας τραχεις τραχείς τραχεῖς tracheiai tracheîai tracheis tracheîs
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