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Strong's #5157 - τροπή

from an apparently primary trepo {to turn}
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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  1. a turning
    1. of the heavenly bodies
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 1
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James 2
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James 1
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James 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

τροπ-ή, ἡ, (τρέπω)

turn, turning:

I τροπαὶ ἠελίοιο: ὅθι τροπαὶ ἠελίοιο apparently denotes a point on the horizon, prob. the West or place where the sum sets (so Eust. 1787.20), Od. 15.404. each of two fixed points in the solar year, the solstices, first in Hes., ἠελίοιο τροπῇς at the time of the (winter) solstice, Op. 479; μετὰ τροπὰς ἠελ. ib.564,663 (with Dor. acc. pl. in -ᾰς) ; πεδὰ τὰς τροπάς Alcm. 33.5: later the two solstices were distinguished as τροπαὶ θεριναί and χειμεριναί, Hdt. 2.19, Th. 7.16, Pl. Lg. 767c, Arist. HA 542b4 sqq., Gal. 6.405, etc. (rarely in sg., τροπὴ θερινή Arist. Mete. 364b2, Gem. 1.13; τ. χειμερινή ib. 15); τροπαὶ νότιοι Arist. HA 542b11; τ. βόρειοι, νότιοι, Plu. 2.601a: when τροπαί is used alone, it mostly refers to the winter solstice, but the sense is always determined by the context, v. Hes. ll. cc.; περὶ ἡλίου τροπάς (sc. χειμερινάς) Th. 8.39; εὐθὺς ἐκ τροπῶν Arist. HA 542b20: sts. also of other heavenly bodies, Pl. Ti. 39d; περὶ Πλειάδος δύσιν καὶ τροπάς Arist. HA 542b23, etc.; ἄστρων ἐπιτολάς, δύσεις, τροπάς Alex. 30.5; τροπὰς τῶν ἐνδεδεμένων ἄστρων Arist. Cael. 296b4; τροπαὶ ἡλίου καὶ σελήνης Epicur. Ephesians 2 p.40U.: sts. four in number (the two equinoxes and two solstices), S.E. M. 5.11, Gal. 17(1).22; so (on a sun-dial) θερινὴ τ., ἰσημερινὴ τ., χειμερινὴ τ., Ἀρχ.Δελτ. 12.236 (Samos).

2. turn, change, Arist. Pol. 1316a17; πλείους τραπόμενος τροπὰς τοῦ Εὐρίπου Aeschin. 3.90; τ. πρὸς τὸ βέλτιον turn for the better, Phld. Rh. 2.25S.; ὀξυτέρας τρεπόμενος τ. τοῦ χαμαιλέοντος Plu. Alc. 23; αἱ τοῦ κόλακος ὥσπερ πολύποδος τ. Id. 2.52f; αἱ τῶ αἵματος τ. καὶ ἀλλοιώσιες Ti.Locr. 102c; αἱ περὶ τὸν ἀέρα τ. changes in the air or weather, Plu. 2.946f; of wine, a turning sour, ib.939f (cf. τροπίας); going bad, of food, τ. καὶ διαφθορὰ τῶν παρακειμένων Gal. 19.208; of phonetic change in language, A.D. Adv. 210.4, Hdn.Gr. 2.932.

3. τροπαὶ λέξεως a change of speech by figures or tropes (τρόποι), Luc. Dem.Enc. 6, cf. Hermog. Inv. 4.10, al.

4. αἱ τροπαί, = αἱ τροπαῖαι, alternating winds, Arist. Pr. 940b16, 21, Thphr. CP 2.3.1, Vent. 26.

II the turning about of the enemy, putting to flight or routing him, τροπήν (or τροπάς) τινος ποιεῖν or ποιεῖσθαι put one to flight, Hdt. 1.30, Ar. Eq. 246 (troch.), Th. 2.19, 6.69, etc.; οἵαν ἂν τροπὴν Εὐρυσθέως θείμην (θείην codd.) E. Heracl. 743; τροπὴ γινομένη Hdt. 7.167, cf. Th. 1.49, 50, etc.: poet., ἐν μάχης τροπῇ A. Ag. 1237; ἐν τροπῇ δορός in the rout caused by the spear, S. Aj. 1275, E. Rh. 82.

III used by Democr. for θέσις, position, Arist. Metaph. 985b17, 1042b14, cf. Plot. 4.5.2, 4.5.6. a coin, Hsch.; cf. τροπαϊκόν.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

τροπή, τροπῆς, (from τρέπω to turn), a turning: of the heavenly bodies, James 1:17 (on this see ἀποσκίασμα); often so in the Greek writings from Homer and Hesiod down (see Liddell and Scott, under the word, 1); cf. Job 38:33; Wis. 7:18; Deuteronomy 33:14; (Sophocles' Lexicon, under the word).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

τροπή , -ῆς ,

(<τρέπω ),

[in LXX: Deuteronomy 33:14, Job 38:33, Wisdom of Solomon 7:18, al.;]

a turning: esp. of the revolution of heavenly bodies, fig., James 1:17 (see ἀποσκίασμα ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The variety of uses of ὑπηρέτης connected with the general idea of ";service"; may again be illustrated from the papyri—P Hal I. 1.47 (mid. iii/B.C.) ἐνγύος μὲν παρ᾽ αὐτοῦ λαμβανέτω ὁ πράκτωρ ἢ ὁ ὑπηρέτης παραμονῆς, P Tebt I. 45.5 (B.C. 113) ὑπηρέτου γεωργῶν τῶν ἐκ τῆς αὐτῆς (Κερκεοσίρεως), ";assistant of the cultivators of the said (Kerkeosiris),"; P Oxy II. 259.13 (A.D. 23) διὰ Βίλλου διοικητικ [οῦ ] ὑπηρέτ [ου, ";through Billus, assistant to the dioecetes,"; P Fay 26.20 (A.D. 150) Σαραπίων ὑπηρέτης (";clerk";) μεταδέδωκα Φαμ (ενὼθ) β ̄, P Oxy VI. 899.50 (A.D. 200) ὑπηρέτης ἐπή [ν ]εγκα, ";I, assistant, have brought the petition,"; P Oxy I. 65.2 ff. (iii/A.D.) παράδοτε τῷ ἀποστ ̣αλέντι ὑπηρέτ [ ] Παχοῦμιν. . . ὅρα μὴ κατάσχητε τὸν ὑπηρέτη <ν >, ";deliver up to my officer whom I have sent Pachoumis. See that you do not detain the officer"; (Edd.), and inscribed on a pillar in the market-place of Magnesia the words τόπος ὑπηρετῶν οἰκοδόμων ἐπὶ Πωλλίωνος κτλ. (Magn 239—time of Hadrian?) : see Thieme, p. 33 where the common use of ὑπηρέτης as a cult-title along with διάκονος and μάγειρος is noted in illustration of Luke 4:20. In the same connexion Plummer (ICC ad l.) cites from Schürer Geschichte ii. p. 441, n..42 ( = HJP II. ii. p. 66 f.) a Roman epitaph to a Jew who held a similar office—

Φλαβιος Ιουλιανος υπηρετης

Φλαβια Ιουλιανη θυγατηρ πατρι

Εν ειρηνη η κοιμησις σου.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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