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Strong's #5559 - χρώς

probably akin to the base of (G5530) through the idea of handling
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
  1. the surface of the body, the skin
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 216 ‑ אוֹר (ore);  1320 ‑ בָּשָׂר (baw‑sawr');  
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Verse Results
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

χρώς, ὁ,

gen. χρωτός, dat. χρωτί, acc. χρῶτα (Att. χρώ only in Choerob. in Theod. 1.248H.): and Ion. gen. χροός, dat. χροΐ, acc. χρόα (also in Lesbian, Sapph. Supp. 10.6, al.), as always in Hom.and Hes., exc. gen. χρωτός in Il. 10.575, acc. χρῶτα Od. 18.172, 179, Hes. Op. 556; Emp. uses χρωτός, 76.3 (but χροΐ 100.17); Pi. uses χρωτί, χρῶτα, P. 1.55, I. 4(3).23(41); these forms are freq. in Trag., but Ion. dat. χροΐ occurs in S. Tr. 605, and χροός, χροΐ, χρόα are freq. in E., Hec. 548, Med. 1175, Ph. 264, al.: dat. χρῷ occurs in the phrase ἐν χρῷ v. infr. 1.2 and in Sapph. 2.10. rare in Com.and Att. Prose.

I of the human body, skin or flesh, οὔ σφι λίθος χρὼς οὐδὲ σίδηρος Il. 4.510; καὶ γάρ θην τούτῳ τρωτὸς χρώς 21.568; χρῶτ' ἀπονιψαμένη Od. 18.172; ἀκρότατον δ' ἄρ' ὀϊστὸς ἐπέγραψε χρόα Il. 4.139; ταμέειν χρόα νηλέϊ χαλκῷ 13.501; λιλαιοένη χροὸς ἆσαι, of a spear, 21.168; κακὰ χροΐ εἵματ' ἔχοντα Od. 14.506; χρῷ πῦρ ὐπαδεδρόμακεν Sapph. 2.10; μύροις χρῶτα λιπαίνων Anaxil. 18.1 (anap.): esp. flesh, opp. bone, φθινύθει δ' ἀμφ' ὀστεόφι χρώς Od. 16.145; οὐδέ τί οἱ χρὼς σήπεται Il. 24.414, cf. 19.33 (which usage is said by Gal. to have been Ionic, 18(2).435, with reference to Hp. Fract. 9); τὸ δέρμα τοῦ χρωτός LXX Leviticus 13:11, etc.; τοῦ χρωτὸς ἥδιστον ἀπέπνει Aristox. Fr.Hist. 84: generally, one's body, frame, Pi. P. 1.55, A. Fr. 192.6 (anap.); χριμφθῆναι χροΐ Id. Supp. 790 (lyr.); στεῖλαί νυν ἀμφὶ χρωτὶ.. πέπλους E. Ba. 821, cf. S. Tr. 605: pl., διὰ τί.. οἱ χρῶτες ὄζουσι; Arist. Pr. 877b21; also κατεδήσαντο.. τοὺς ὑγιεῖς χρῶτας, ὡς τραυματίαι D.H. 9.50.

2. ἐν χροΐ, or ἐν χρῷ, close to the skin, ἐν χροΐ κείρειν to shave close, Hdt. 4.175; ἐν χρῷ κεκαρμένοι X. HG 1.7.8; ἐν χρῷ κουριῶντας Pherecr. 30: metaph., to the quick, ξυρεῖ γὰρ ἐν χρῷ τοῦτο S. Aj. 786; ἐν χρῷ παραπλεῖν sail past so as to shave or graze, Th. 2.84; τὴν μάχην συνάψαι ἐν χρῷ to fight at close quarters, Plu. Thes. 27; ἡ ἐν χρῷ συνουσία close acquaintance, Luc. Ind. 3: c. gen., ἐν χρῷ τινος close to, hard by a person or thing, τοῦ θώρακος (v.l. σώματος) Plu. 2.345a; τῆς γῆς ib. 925b, Luc. Herm. 5: abs., ἐν χρῷ near at hand, Id. Hist.Conscr. 24, al.; cf. EM 313.53, Hsch.

II the colour of the skin, complexion, μελαίνετο δὲ χρόα καλόν Il. 5.354; τρέπεται χ. his colour changes, i. e. he turns pale, 13.279, cf. 17.733; ὠχρήσαντα χρόα Od. 11.529; χρόα.. ἀμείβειν Parm. 8.41; μεθίστη χρωτὸς.. φύσιν E. Alc. 174; μεταλλακτῆρα πουλύπουν χροός Ion Trag. 36; τί χρὼς τέτραπται; (paratrag.) Ar. Lys. 127; φεῦγε δ' ἀπὸ χρώς Theocr. 23.13; rare in Att. Prose, ἐπὶ τῷ χρωτὶ μέγα φρονεῖν X. Smp. 4.54, cf. Oec. 10.5: in Ion. Prose, of the colour of a finger, χροΐ δῆλα Pherecyd.Syr. ap. D.L. 1.118 (v.l. χρωΐ, cf. Vorsokr. 5i.44).

2. generally, colour, ἀμείβων χρῶτα πορφυρᾷ βαφῇ A. Pers. 317; τὸν χρῶτα [μεταβάλλει] ὁ χαμαιλέων Arist. Mir. 832b14; χρὼς αἵματος Orph. L. 660.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

χρώς , gen., χρωτός , ,

[in LXX chiefly for H1320;]

in cl. rare in prose, the surface of the body, skin: Acts 19:12.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
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εχώλαναν εχωλάνθη χρως χρώτα χρωτος χρωτός χρωτὸς χυδαίοι χύμα χυτήν χυτός χύτρα χύτραν χύτρας χυτρόγαυλον χυτρόγαυλος χυτρογαύλους χυτρόποδες χυτών χωθαρώθ χωλανείτε chrotos chrotòs chrōtos chrōtòs
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