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Strong's #939 - βάσις

Root Word (Etymology)
from baino (to walk)
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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  1. a stepping, walking
  2. that with which one steps, the foot
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 134 ‑ אֶדֶן (eh'‑den);  753 ‑ אֹרֶךְ (o'‑rek);  1366 ‑ גְּבֻל (gheb‑ool', gheb‑ool');  3247 ‑ יְסוֹד (yes‑ode');  3595 ‑ כִּיֹּר (kee‑yore', kee‑yore');  3653 ‑ כֵּן (kane);  4837 ‑ מַרְצֶפֶת (mar‑tseh'‑feth);  7023 ‑ קִירָה (keer, keer, kee‑raw');  7413 ‑ רָמָה (raw‑maw');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

βάσις [ ], εως, ἡ, (βαίνω)

1. stepping, step, and collectively, steps, A. Eu. 36, S. Aj. 8, etc.: metaph., ἡσύχῳ φρενῶν βάσει A. Ch. 452 (lyr.); οὐκ ἔχων β. power to step, S. Ph. 691 (lyr.); τροχῶν βάσεις the rolling of the wheels, the rolling wheels, Id. El. 718; ἀρβύλης β. the print of the sandal, E. El. 532; ποίμναις τήνδ' ἐπεμπίπτει βάσιν S. Aj. 42.

2. measured stepor movement, β. χορείας Ar. Th. 968, cf. Pi. P. 1.2: hence, rhythmical or metrical movement, Pl. R. 399e, Lg. 670d: in Rhet., rhythmical close of a sentence, Hermog. Id. 1.6, al.; clause forming transition from πρότασις to ἀπόδοσις, Id. Inv. 1.5: and in Metric, metrical unit, monometer, Arist. Pol. 1263b35, Metaph. 1087b36, Heph. 11, Longin. Proll.Heph. 3, Mar. Vict. p.47.3 K., etc.

3. order, sequence, θέσις καὶ β. Epicur Ephesians 1 p.10U.

II that with which one steps, a foot, Pl. Ti. 92a, Arist. GA 750a4; ποδῶν β. E. Hec. 837; θηλύπους β. their women's feet, Id. IA 421; β. δίχηλος, of the ostrich, D.S. 3.28.3: abs., αἱ βάσεις Ph. 1.226, Acts 3:7; σφὶγξ εἶχε β. λέοντος Apollod. 3.5.8; leg, Id. 1.3.5; βάσεων ἀποκοπαί Diog.Oen. 39.


1. that whereon one stands, base, pedestal, [ κρατῆρος ] Alex. 119; of statues, OGI 705.6, etc.; τρία ἔργα.. ἐπὶ μιᾶς β. Str. 14.1.14, cf. Luc. Philops. 19; λεβήτων Plb. 5.88.5; of an engine, Hero Bel. 88.1, al.; of a column, PLond. 3.755v6 (iv A. D.): Medic., τοῦ ἐγκεφάλου Herophil. ap. Placit. 4.5.4, cf. Plu. Per. 6; τραχήλου Id. Pyrrh. 34; κοῖλαι βλεφάρων ἰοτυπεῖς βάσιες AP 5.86 (Rufin.); αἱ ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς β. Sor. 1.27, cf. Archig. ap. Aët. 16.101(91); of the heart, Gal. UP 6.13; ἐπανόρθωσις τὴν τοῦ κενουμένου βάσιν ἀναπληροῦσα Id. 1.474; foundation, basement, ῥίζα πάντων καὶ β. ἁ γᾶ ἐρήρεισται Ti.Locr. 97e; so, of the soil, πεδίων σπορίμα β. Hymn.Isa 162.

2. Geom., base of a solid or plane figure, Pl. Ti. 55b, Arist. APr. 41b15,al.; [ κώνου ] Democr. 155; πυραμίδος Speus. ap. Theol.Ar. 63. position, fixedness, opp. φορά, etym. of βέβαιος, Pl. Cra. 437a. Astrol., = ὡροσκόπος, Vett.Val. 88.6, Paul.Al. T. 2, Cat.Cod.Astr. 8(4).132.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

βάσις, βάσεως, (ΒΑΩ, βαίνω);

1. a stepping, walking (Aeschylus, Sophocles, others).

2. that with which one steps, the foot: Acts 3:7 (Plato, Tim., p. 92{a}, et al.; Wis. 13:18).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

βάσις , -εως ,

(< βαίνω ),

[in LXX chiefly for H753;]

1. a step (Æsch., al.).

2. Hence, a foot (Plat.; Wisdom of Solomon 13:18): Acts 3:7.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The word is common in the inscriptions for the ";base"; of a statue, e.g. OGIS 705.6 (ii/A.D.) τὸν ἀνδριάντα σὺν τῆι βάσει ἀνέθηκε , Magn 92b. .17 τὸ ] δὲ ψήφισμα τόδε ἀναγραφῆναι εἰς τὴμ βάσιν τῆς εἰκόνος τῆς Ἀ [πο ]λλοφάνου . See also P Lond 755 verso.6 (iv/A.D.) (= III. p. 222) β ]άσις ̣ καὶ κεφαλίδες , ";base mouldings and capitals"; of pillars, P Grenf I. 14.15 (B.C. 150 or 139) βάσιν λυχνί (ου ), Syll 540.108 (B.C. 175–1) ἐργᾶται (sc. a builder contracting for a temple) τῶν λίθων πάντων τὰς βάσεις ὀρθάς , άστραβεῖς , ἀρραγεῖς κτλ , ib.161 τῶν λίθων πάντων τοὺς ἁρμοὺς καί τ [ὰς βά ]σεις , 588.167 (c. B.C. 180) λαμπὰς χαλκῆ ἐπὶ βάσεως , etc. The medical use of β . = ";foot"; in Acts 3:7 is illustrated by Hobart, Medical Language of St Luke, p. 34 f. It may have this meaning in the great magical papyrus, P Lond 121.518 (iii/A.D.) (= I. p. 101) παρέστω σοι τοῖς δυσὶ βάσεσιν σκιαθι . Its geometrical meaning, as the ";base"; of a triangle, appears with fragmentary context in P Brit Mus 372.50 (ii/A.D.), printed in P Tebt II. p. 339 ff., a land survey.



The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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βασεις βάσεις βάσιν βάσις baseis báseis
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