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Strong's #220 - אֲוֵרָה

by transposition for (G723)
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1) manger, stall, crib

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1020) ra (אר AR) AC: Order CO: Box AB: ?: Boxes are used to store items and keep them in order. Light is also necessary for order. (eng: order - with the addition of "der" also meaning order in Hebrew)

H) era (ארה ARH) AC: Gather CO: Box AB: ?: A gathering of items or livestock to place in a box or pen.

V) era (ארה ARH) - Gather: To gather up something to place in a box or other container. KJV (2): (vf: Paal) pluck, gather - Strongs: H717 (אָרָה)

Nf1) erfa (אורה AWRH) - Stall: A box for the livestock. KJV (1): cote - Strongs: H220 (אֲוֵרָה)

ff1) eira (אריה ARYH) - Stall: A box for the livestock. [df: hwra] KJV (3): stall - Strongs: H723 (אֻרְיָה)

jm ) nfra (ארונ ARWN) - Box: Any boxed shaped object. KJV (202): ark, chest, coffin - Strongs: H727 (אָרֹן)

J) rfa (אור AWR) AC: ? CO: Light AB: ?

V) rfa (אור AWR) - Light: To be light or bright. KJV (43): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil) light, enlightened - Strongs: H215 (אוֹר)

Nf) rfa (אור AWR) - Light: The light from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other giver of light [freq129] - Strongs:

Nf1) erfa (אורה AWRH) - Light: KJV (4): herbs, light - Strongs: H219 (אוֹרָה)

am) rfam (מאור MAWR) - Light: What gives off light. KJV (19): light, bright - Strongs: H3974 (מְאֹרָה)

kf1) erfam (מאורה MAWRH) - Den: The entrance has a lighted hole when viewed from inside. KJV (1): den - Strongs: H3975 (מְאוּרָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [אֻרְיָה] noun feminine manger, crib (Aramaic אוּדְיָא, , Arabic stall, etc., Vulgar Arabic = manager Mohit19. 15 (GFM, privately), compare Lane51 c; Assyrian urû Dl BAS i. 211) — Plural אֻרָוֺת 2 Chronicles 32:28 (Aramaic form for אֳרָוֺת; compare Lag BN 172); construct אֻרְוֺת 1 Kings 5:6, ֻ˜ארְיוֺת 2 Chronicles 9:25; crib of horses 1 Kings 5:6 (app. in enumeration horses themselves, English head, or span, compare also 2 Chronicles 9:25 with 1 Kings 10:26; So Th MV, but text here dubious. compare Klo), hence 2 Chronicles 9:25; of any animals (כלבֿהמה) 2 Chronicles 32:28 (on ׳לַאֲ see Add.). ** Also plural אֲוֵרוֺת 2 Chronicles 32:28b (read probably לָעֲדָרִיםᵐ5 ᵑ9 Kit Benz and others).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
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List of Word Forms
לָאֲוֵרֽוֹת׃ לאורות׃ lā’ăwêrōwṯ lā·’ă·wê·rō·wṯ laaveRot