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Strong's #2941 - טַעַם

from (H2939)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

  1. taste, judgment, command
    1. taste
    2. judgment, discretion
    3. report
    4. command

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
ASV (5)
Ezra 4
Daniel 1
BSB (2)
Ezra 1
Daniel 1
CSB (0)
The Christian Standard Bible®
did not use
this Strong's Number
ESV (5)
Ezra 4
Daniel 1
KJV (5)
Ezra 4
Daniel 1
LEB (4)
Ezra 3
Daniel 1
LSB (0)
The Legacy Standard Bible
did not use
this Strong's Number
N95 (0)
The New American Standard Bible (1995)
did not use
this Strong's Number
NAS (0)
The New American Standard Bible
did not use
this Strong's Number
NLT (0)
The World English Bible
did not use
this Strong's Number
WEB (5)
Ezra 4
Daniel 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2236) mou (תהאהמ ThAhM) AC: Taste CO: ? AB: Perceive: A distinguishing between flavors. Also, perception as the ability to distinguish between thoughts.

V) mou (תהאהמ ThAhM) - Taste: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (14): (vf: Paal) taste, perceive, eat - Strongs: H2938 (טָעַם), H2939 (טְעֵם)

Nm) mou (תהאהמ ThAhM) - I. Taste:[Hebrew and Aramaic] II. Decree:As perceived. [Aramaic only] KJV (43): taste, judgment, behaviour, advice, understanding, commandment, matter, command, account, decree, regarded, wisdom - Strongs: H2940 (טַעַם), H2941 (טַעַם), H2942 (טְעֵם)

am) moum (מתהאהמ MThAhM) - Meat: A flavorful meat. KJV (8): meat, dainty - Strongs: H4303 (מַטְעַמָּה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

טַעַם m.

(1)  taste, flavour of food, Numbers 11:8; Jeremiah 48:11; Job 6:6.

(2) metaph. taste for judgment, discernment, reason (as in Lat. sapere, sapiens, sapientia, and on the other hand insipidus), 1 Samuel 25:33; Psalms 119:66; Job 12:20. אִשָּׁח סָרֵת טַעַם “a woman without discernment,” Proverbs 11:22. שִׁנָּה טַעַם to change one’s reason, i.e. to feign one’s self mad, Psalms 43:1. מְשִׁיבֵי טַעִם who give an answer intelligently. Proverbs 26:16.

(3) the sentence of a king; hence a royal decree, Jonah 3:7. See Chald.

טַעַם m. Ch. i.q. Hob. No. 3, a decree, mandate, Ezra 6:14. More frequently used is

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List of Word Forms
טַ֙עַם֙ טַעְמָ֔א טַעְמָ֖א טַעְמָ֥א טעם טעמא ṭa‘·mā ṭa‘am ṭa‘mā ṭa·‘am taam taMa
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