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Strong's #5079 - נִדָּה

Root Word (Etymology)
from (H5074)
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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1) impurity, filthiness, menstruous, set apart

1a) impurity

1a1) of ceremonial impurity

1a2) of menstruation

1b) impure thing (figuratively)

1b1) of idolatry, immorality

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 49 ‑ ἁγνισμός (hag‑nis‑mos');  167 ‑ ἀκαθαρσία (ak‑ath‑ar‑see'‑ah);  3334 ‑ μετακινέω (met‑ak‑ee‑nah'‑o);  4473 ‑ ῥαντισμός (hran‑tis‑mos');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (29)
Leviticus 13
Numbers 6
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 5
Zechariah 1
NAS (39)
Leviticus 18
Numbers 6
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 2
Ezekiel 9
Zechariah 1
HCS (27)
Leviticus 12
Numbers 5
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 5
Zechariah 1
BSB (29)
Leviticus 13
Numbers 6
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 5
Zechariah 1
ESV (33)
Leviticus 17
Numbers 6
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 5
Zechariah 1
WEB (29)
Leviticus 13
Numbers 6
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 5
Zechariah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1303) dn (נד ND) AC: Nod CO: Mound AB: ?: The pictograph n is a picture of a seed, the d is a picture of the tent door that allows movement back and forth through the tent. Combined these mean "continue back and forth". A back and forth movement such as the shaking of the head.

A) dn (נד ND) AC: Toss CO: Mound AB: ?: A tossing into a pile.

Nm) dn (נד ND) - Mound: KJV (6): heap - Strongs: H5067 (נֵד)

mm) ndn (נדנ NDN) - Tossings: Something that is tossed. KJV (1): gift - Strongs: H5083 (נָדָן)

B) ddn (נדד NDD) AC: Toss CO: ? AB: ?

V) ddn (נדד NDD) - Toss: To be thrown about or wander around as nodding the head. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (29): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal) flee, wander, chase, go - Strongs: H5074 (נָדַד), H5075 (נְדַד)

dm) dfdn (נדוד NDWD) - Toss: A going back and forth. KJV (1): tossing - Strongs: H5076 (נְדֻדִים)

D) dan (נאד NAD) AC: ? CO: Skin bag AB: ?: A leather bag used for storing milk or wine. When milk is put in the bag and it is shaken back and forth the milk is turned into cheese.

gm) dafn (נואד NWAD) - Skin bag: [df: dwn] KJV (6): bottle - Strongs: H4997 (נאֹדָה)

gf1 ) edafn (נואדה NWADH) - Skin bag: [df: hdan] KJV (6): bottle - Strongs: H4997 (נאֹדָה)

H) edn (נדה NDH) AC: Toss CO: ? AB: ?

V) edn (נדה NDH) - Toss: [df: adn] KJV (3): (vf: Hiphil, Piel) cast, put, drive - Strongs: H5077 (נָדָה)

Nm ) edn (נדה NDH) - Tossings: Something that is tossed. KJV (1): gift - Strongs: H5078 (נֵדֶה)

J) dfn (נוד NWD) AC: Nod CO: ? AB: ?

V) dfn (נוד NWD) - Nod: To shake or wag out of pity, sorrow or wandering. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (25): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) bemoan, remove, vagabond, flee, get, mourn, move, pity, shake, skip, sorry, wag, wander, go - Strongs: H5110 (נוּד), H5111 (נוּד)

Nm) dfn (נוד NWD) - Wandering: In the sense of nodding ones head when wandering about. KJV (1): wandering - Strongs: H5112 (נוֹד)

am) dfnm (מנוד MNWD) - Nod: A nodding of the head. KJV (1): shaking - Strongs: H4493 (מָנוֹד)

M) din (ניד NYD) AC: Nod CO: ? AB: ?

Nm ) din (ניד NYD) - Nod: The up and down moving of the lips. KJV (1): moving - Strongs: H5205 (נִיד)

Nf1) edin (נידה NYDH) - Removal: Something that is removed or thrown out. A menstruating woman is removed from the camp. KJV (30): remove, separation, put apart, filthiness, flowers, far, set apart, menstruous, removed, unclean, uncleanness - Strongs: H5079 (נִדָּה), H5206 (נִידָה)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 נִדָּה noun feminine impurity (as abhorrent, shunned); — absolute ׳נ Ezekiel 18:6 +; construct נִדַּת Leviticus 12:2 +; suffix נִדָּתָהּ Leviticus 12:5 +; — impurity (especially P and Ezekiel):

1 of ceremonial impurity, as union with brother's wife, Leviticus 20:21; especially of menstruation Ezekiel 18:6 (read אִשָּׁה בְּנִדָּתָהּ for ᵑ0נִדָּה ׳אᵑ6 Co), ׳טְמֵאַת הַנּ Ezekiel 22:10, compare Ezekiel 36:17, נִדַּת דְּוֺתָהּ Leviticus 12:2, compare Leviticus 12:5; Leviticus 15:19,20,24,25 (׳עֶתנִֿדּ), (3t. in verse), Leviticus 15:26 (׳מִשְׁכַּב נִדּ), Leviticus 15:26 (׳טֻמְאַת נִדּ), Leviticus 15:33; Leviticus 18:19; of defilement contracted by contact with a corpse, מֵי (הַ)נִּדָּה water of impurity (i.e. to remove it, compare Di) Numbers 19:9,13,20,21 (twice in verse); Numbers 31:23.

2 figurative (with allusion to cerem. usage), impure thing, Ezekiel 7:19,20 (of gold), Lamentations 1:17 (of Jerusalem); of idolatry, immorality, etc., 2 Chronicles 29:5; Ezra 9:11 (אֶרֶץ נִדָּה), Ezra 9:11, Zechariah 13:1 (לְחַטַּאת וּלְנִדָּה).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

נִדָּה f. prop. abomination (see the root No. 4), uncleanness, impurity, Zechariah 13:1 מֵי־הַנִדָּה Numbers 19:9, 13 Numbers 19:13, 20 Numbers 19:20, 21 Numbers 19:21, water of impurity, i.e. water by which the unclean were purged, cleansing water. Specially

(1)  filth, menstrual uncleanness of women, Levit. 12:2 15:19, 20 Jeremiah 15:20 hence used of the menstrual discharge, Leviticus 15:24, 25 Leviticus 15:25, 33 Leviticus 15:33.

(2) something unclean, or filthy, i.q. תּוֹעֵבָה used of idols, 2 Chronicles 29:5; Ezra 9:11; Lamentations 1:17 of incest, Leviticus 20:21.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
בְּנִדַּ֖ת בְּנִדַּ֣ת בְּנִדָּתָ֔הּ בְּנִדָּתָ֖הּ בְנִדָּתָ֔הּ בנדת בנדתה הַנִּדָּ֔ה הַנִּדָּ֖ה הַנִּדָּה֙ הנדה וּלְנִדָּֽה׃ ולנדה׃ כְּנִדָּתָ֑הּ כנדתה לְנִדָּ֖ה לְנִדָּ֣ה לְנִדָּֽה׃ לנדה לנדה׃ נִדַּ֥ת נִדָּ֖ה נִדָּ֛ה נִדָּ֜ה נִדָּ֣ה נִדָּה֙ נִדָּתָ֑הּ נִדָּתָ֔הּ נִדָּתָ֖הּ נִדָּתָ֛הּ נִדָּתָֽהּ׃ נִדָּתָהּ֙ נדה נדת נדתה נדתה׃ bə·nid·dā·ṯāh ḇə·nid·dā·ṯāh bə·nid·daṯ benidDat bəniddaṯ beniddaTah bəniddāṯāh ḇəniddāṯāh han·nid·dāh hannidDah hanniddāh kə·nid·dā·ṯāh keniddaTah kəniddāṯāh lə·nid·dāh lenidDah ləniddāh nid·dā·ṯāh nid·dāh nid·daṯ nidDah niddāh nidDat niddaṯ niddaTah niddāṯāh ū·lə·nid·dāh ulenidDah ūləniddāh veniddaTah
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