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Strong's #5520 - סֹךְ

Root Word (Etymology)
from (H5526)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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1) thicket, lair, covert, booth

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2646 ‑ κατάλυμα (kat‑al'‑oo‑mah);  2798 ‑ κλάδος (klad'‑os);  4633 ‑ σκηνή (skay‑nay');  4638 ‑ σκήνωμα (skay'‑no‑mah);  5413 ‑ φορτίον (for‑tee'‑on);  
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Verse Results
KJV (4)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 1
NAS (5)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 2
CSB (4)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 1
BSB (4)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 1
ESV (4)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 1
WEB (4)
Psalms 3
Jeremiah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1333) kx (סכ SK) AC: Cover CO: Booth AB: ?: The pictograph x is a picture of a thorn representing protection, the k is a picture of the palm of the hand representing a covering. Combined these mean "protective covering". The watcher over the crops, flock or herd, would construct a covering (booth) as a shelter from the sun, wind or rain. These coverings were often constructed on an elevated position, and from materials readily available such as bushes, thorns and small trees. (eng: shack - with the exchange of the s and sh)

A) kx (סכ SK) AC: Cover CO: Booth AB: ?: A covering, hedge or thicket of thorns or bushes for protection from the elements or predators.

Nm) kx (סכ SK) - I. Booth: II. Thorn:[df: KV]KJV (2): multitude, prick - Strongs: H5519 (סַךְ), H7899 (שֵׂךְ)

am ) kxm (מסכ MSK) - Covering: In the sense of a booth as a covering. KJV (25): hanging, covering, curtain - Strongs: H4539 (מָסָךְ)

sm) nikx (סכינ SKYN) - Knife: A sharp point like a thorn. [df: NykV] KJV (1): knife - Strongs: H7915 (שַׂכִּין)

B) kkx (סככ SKK) AC: Cover CO: Hedge AB: ?: The intertwining branches of thorn bushes for making a defensive wall.

V) kkx (סככ SKK) - Hedge: To surround with a wall of protection or covering. [df: KkV] KJV (23): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pilpel, Participle) cover, covering, defense, defend, hedge, join, set, shut - Strongs: H5526 (שָׂכַךְ)

J) kfx (סוכ SWK) AC: Cover CO: Booth AB: ?: The booth is a covering.

V) kfx (סוכ SWK) - Hedge: To surround as hedge of protection. [df: KwV] KJV (3): (vf: Paal) hedge, fence - Strongs: H7753 (שׂוּךְ)

Nm ) kfx (סוכ SWK) - I. Booth:A dwelling place. [df: KV]II. Branch:As used for making booths. [df: KwV]KJV (5): tabernacle, den, pavilion, covert, bough - Strongs: H5520 (סֹךְ), H7900 (שׂךְ)

Nf1 ) ekfx (סוכה SWKH) - I. Booth:A dwelling place. II. Harpoon:As a barbed thorn. [df: hkV]III. Branch: Used for building a booth. [df: hkwV] KJV (34): tabernacle, booth, pavilion, cottage, covert, tent, branch - Strongs: H5521 (סֻכָּה), H7754 (שׂוֹכָה), H7905 (שֻׂכָּה)

kf1 ) ekfxm (מסוכה MSWKH) - Hedge: As a wall of thorns. [df: hkwVm hkVm] KJV (4): hedge, covering - Strongs: H4534 (מְסוּכָה), H4540 (מְסֻכָה), H4881 (מְשׂוּכָה)

L) kxi (יסכ YSK) AC: ? CO: Booth AB: ?

am ) kxfm (מוסכ MWSK) - Booth: KJV (2): covert - Strongs: H4329 (מֵיסָךְ)

M) kix (סיכ SYK) AC: ? CO: Booth AB: ?

Nf3 ) tfkix (סיכות SYKWT) - Booth: KJV (1): tabernacle - Strongs: H5522 (סִכּוּת)

N) ikx (סכי SKY) AC: Cover CO: ? AB: ?

dm ) ifkx (סכוי SKWY) - Covering: [df: ywkV] KJV (1): heart - Strongs: H7907 (שֶׂכְוִי)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [סֹךְ] noun [masculine] thicket, covert, lair; — only suffix סֻכּוֺ Jeremiah 25:38 lair of ׳י, under figure of lion (but Gie סֻבְּכוֺ compare Jeremiah 4:7), סֻכֹּה Psalm 10:9 of lion (simile of wicked; Bae סֻכָּה; Lag Che We סֻבְּכוֺ); סוּכּוֺ Psalm 76:3 his covert (of ׳י under figure of lion; "" מְעוֺנָתוֺ); for סֻכֹּה in his covert Psalm 27:5 Qr read perhaps, with Kt סֻכָּה a booth (Ol Hup-Now Bae compare Psalm 31:21).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

סֹךְ (from the root סָכַךְ), with suff. סֻכּוֹ, once סוּכּוֹ, Psalms 76:3, m.

(1) a hut, booth, cottage, Psalms 27:5 poet. used of a tent or house, Psalms 76:3.

(2) a thicket of trees, the lair of wild beasts, Psalms 10:9; Jeremiah 25:38.

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List of Word Forms
בְּסֻכֹּה֮ בְסֻכֹּ֗ה בסכה סֻכּ֑וֹ סכו bə·suk·kōh ḇə·suk·kōh besukKoh bəsukkōh ḇəsukkōh suk·kōw sukKo sukkōw vesukKoh
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