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Strong's #8568 - תַּנָּה

Root Word (Etymology)
probably fem. of (H8565)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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1) habitations, jackals, (TWOT) dragon, (TWOT) sea monster

1a) meaning uncertain

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (1)
Malachi 1
N95 (0)
BSB (0)
BSB (2)
Lamentations 1
Malachi 1
ESV (1)
Malachi 1
WEB (1)
Malachi 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1497) nt (תנ TN) AC: Hire CO: Gift AB: ?

A) nt (תנ TN) AC: ? CO: ? AB: ?

Nm ) nt (תנ TN) - Tan: A large unknown sea animal. KJV (1): whale - Strongs: H8565 (תַּן)

Nf1) ent (תנה TNH) - Tanah: A large unknown sea animal. KJV (1): dragon - Strongs: H8568 (תַּנָּה)

sm) nint (תנינ TNYN) - Taniyn: A large unknown sea animal. [df: Mynt] KJV (28): dragon, serpent, whale, monster - Strongs: H8577 (תַּנִּים)

C) nta (אתנ ATN) AC: ? CO: Gift AB: ?

Nf1 ) enta (אתנה ATNH) - Gift: KJV (1): reward - Strongs: H866 (אֶתְנָה)

cf) nfta (אתונ ATWN) - Donkey: As used as a gift. KJV (34): ass - Strongs: H860 (אָתוֹן)

em) ntia (איתנ AYTN) - Strong: [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (13): strong, mighty, strength, hard, rough - Strongs: H386 (אֵתָן)

mm) nnta (אתננ ATNN) - Price: What is brought to a harlot as a gift. KJV (11): hire, reward - Strongs: H868 (אֶתְנָן)

H) ent (תנה TNH) AC: Hire CO: ? AB: ?

V) ent (תנה TNH) - I. Hire:To give a gift to a harlot. II. Recount:To retell or re-enact a previous incident. [Unknown connection to root] KJV (4): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Piel) hire, lament, rehearse - Strongs: H8566 (תָּנָה), H8567 (תָּנָה)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

תַּנָּה only plur. תַּנּוֹת fem. Malachi 1:3 according to LXX., Syr., habitations. The same is the meaning of Arab. تنَاِءَةُ, from the root تَنَأَ to remain, to inhabit, the third radical of which, is sometimes lost; whence تَان inhabitant, for تَانِىءُ. Thus תַּנּוֹת may be for תַּנְּאוֹת (Dag. forte euphon.), תַּנְאוֹת compare מִכְלָה for מִכְלְאָה and מִקְשָׁה for מִקְשְׁאָה, unless it be deemed better to assign to the root תָּנַא the power of the verb תָּנָא. Others take it i.q. תַּנִּים jackals.

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List of Word Forms
לְתַנּ֥וֹת לתנות תַּנִּים֙ תנים lə·ṯan·nō·wṯ letanNot ləṯannōwṯ tan·nîm tanNim tannîm
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