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Galatians 3



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Verse 1

foolish = senseless. Greek. anotetos. See Romans 1:14.

hath. Omit.

bewitched. Greek. baskaino. Only here in N.T. In Septuagint of Deuteronomy 28:54, Deuteronomy 28:56. The noun baskanos in Proverbs 23:8; Proverbs 28:22.

that . . . truth. The texts omit.

not. Greek. me. App-105.

obey. Greek. peitho. App-160.

before. Greek. kata. App-104.

Jesus Christ. App-98.

hath been = was,

evidently set forth, Greek. prographo. See Romans 15:4.

crucified = as having been crucified.

among you. The texts omit.

Verse 2

would. Greek. thelo. App-102.

of. Greek. apo. App-104.

Spirit. App-101.

by. Greek. ek. App-104.

the. Omit.

faith. Greek. pistil. App-160., Compare Romans 10:16, Romans 10:17.

Verse 3

begun. Greek. enarchomai. Here and Philippians 1:1, Philippians 1:6.

made perfect = being perfected. Greek. epiteleo. App-125. See 2 Corinthians 7:1.

by = in.

Verse 4

in vain. See Romans 13:4.

if. Greek. ei. App-118.

Verse 5

ministereth, Greek. epichoregeo. See 2 Corinthians 9:10.

worketh. See Galatians 2:6.

miracles. Greek. dunamis. App-172 and App-176.

among. Greek. en. App-104.

Verse 6

believed. Greek. pisteud. App-150.

God. App-98.

accounted. Greek. logizomai, See Romans 4:3.

for. Greek. eis. App-104.

righteousness. Greek. dikaiosune, App-191. Quoted from Genesis 15:6.

Verse 7

Know. Greek. ginosko. App-132.

of. Greek. ek. App-104.

the same = these.

children. Greek. huios. App-108.

Verse 8

foreseeing. Greek. proeidon. Only here and Acts 2:31,

would justify = justifieth. Greek. dikaioo App-191.

heathen = nations. Some as Gentiles, Galatians 3:14.

through. Greek. ek, as Galatians 3:7; i.e. on the ground of, as Romans 1:17, Romans 4:16 &c.

preached before the gospel. Greek. proeuangelizo. Only here. Compare App-121.

unto = to.

In. Greek. en, App-104.

be blessed. Greek. eneulogeomai. Only here and Acts 3:25. See Genesis 12:3.

Verse 9

with. Greek. sun. App-104.

faithful = the faithful. Greek. pistos. App-150.

Verse 10

under. Greek. hupo. App-104.

curse. Greek. katara. Elsewhere, Galatians 3:13. Hebrews 6:8. James 3:10. 2 Peter 2:14.

Cursed. Greek. epikataratos. See John 7:49.

continueth. Greek. emmeno. See Acts 14:22.

not. Greek. au. App-105. Quoted from Deuteronomy 27:26.

Verse 11

no man = no one. Greek. oudeis,

by. Greek. en. App-104.

in the sight of = before, Greek. para. App-104.

just, Greek. dikaios. App-191. Quoted from Habakkuk 2:4. Compare Romans 1:17. Hebrews 10:38.

live, Compare App-170.

Verse 12

The man. App-, but the texts read "He". This quotation is from Leviticus 18:5.

Verse 13

Christ. App-98.

redeemed. Greek. exagorazo. Elsewhere, Galatians 4:5. Ephesians 5:16, Colossians 4:5.

from. Greek. ek. App-104.

being made = becoming. (Emph.)

for. Greek. huper. App-104.

on. Greek. epi. App-104. Quoted from Deuteronomy 21:23.

Verse 14

That = In order that. Greek. hina.

on. Greek. eis. App-104.

through. Greek. en. App-104.

promise. See Luke 24:49.

Spirit. App-101.:3.

through. Greek. dia. App-104. Galatians 3:1.

faith = the faith. App-150.

Verse 15

after the manner of. Greek. kata. App-104.

covenant. Greek. diatheke, See Matthew 26:28.

if it be = when.

confirmed, Greek. kuroo. See 2 Corinthians 2:8.

disannulleth. Same as "frustrate", Galatians 2:21.

addeth thereto. Greek. epidiataesomai. Only here.

Verse 16

made = spoken, See Genesis 21:12,

of. Greek. epi. App-104.

Verse 17

confirmed before. Greek. prokuroo Only here.

of = by. Greek. hupo. App-104.

in Christ. The texts omit.

was. Literally came to be.

four hundred, &c. See Exodus 12:40. App-50.

after. Greek. meta. App-104.

cannot disannul = doth not Greek. ou) disannul (Greek. akurov, Only here, Matthew 15:6. Mark 7:13),

that it should = to. Greek, eis.

make . . . of none effect. Greek. katargeo. See Luke 13:7

Verse 18

no more. Gr ouketi, no longer.

gave = has granted. Greek. charizomai. App-184.

by. Greek. dia. App-104. Galatians 3:1.

Verse 19

transgressions. Greek. parabasis. See Romans 4:15. Compare App-128. 1,

the . . . made. Literally it has been promised.

angels. Compare Lout. Galatians 33:2. Acts 7:53, Hebrews 2:2,

mediator. Greek. mesites. Here, Galatians 3:20; 1 Timothy 2:5 . Hebrews 8:6; Hebrews 9:15; Hebrews 12:24,

Verse 21

against. Greek. kata. App-104.

God forbid. See Galatians 2:17.

given life. Greek. zoopoieo. See John 6:63.

Verse 22

concluded. See Romans 11:32.

sin. Greek. hamartia. App-128. Compare Romans 3:10-18.

believe. App-150.

Verse 23

before. Greek. pro. App-104.

kept = kept in custody.

shut up. Some as "concluded" above.

unto. Greek. eis. App-104.

should afterwards = was about to be.

revealed. Greek. apokalupto. App-106.

Verse 24

was = has become.

schoolmaster. Greek. paidagogos. This was a trust-worthy slave who had the guardianship of the boys of it family. See Cor. Galatians 4:15.

Verse 25

no longer. See Galatians 3:18.

Verse 26

Christ Jesus. App-98.

Verse 27

have been = were.

baptized. App-115.

into. Greek. eis. App-104.

have. Omit.

Verse 28

neither = not. App-105.

nor. Greek. oude.

Greek. See Romans 1:14.

bond = bond slave. Greek. doulos. App-190.

male. Greek. arsen. App-123.

nor = and.

Verse 29

heirs. See Romans 4:13.

according to. Greek. kata, as verses: Galatians 3:1, Galatians 3:15.


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