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Ezekiel 27

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-36

Mourning for Tyre (27:1-36)

This chapter continues the theme of Tyre’s overthrow. It is in the form of a funeral song that Tyre’s trading partners sing as they mourn the city’s death (27:1-2).
The song begins by recalling the glory of Tyre’s past. The prosperous commercial city is likened to a magnificent merchant ship, beautifully made from best quality materials taken from all parts of the trading world. Her planks, masts, oars and decking were made of the best timbers, her sails from the finest linen, her colours of the most expensive dyes (3-7). The oarsmen, sailors and craftsmen who made up her crew were highly skilled men drawn from many countries (8-9).
Tyre’s prosperity appeared to be secure, for the city was well defended by an army of hired soldiers chosen from many countries (10-11). The city’s commercial strength was unequalled. Countries from the west to the east, from the north to the south, traded with Tyre. The trade covered an enormous range of merchandise, from minerals to animals, from spices to slaves (12-24).
However, Tyre’s great commercial enterprise brought with it great danger. The ship became overloaded and, when caught in a storm at sea, sank. All its merchandise was lost and all its crew drowned (25-27). All Tyre’s trading partners now mourn its loss (28-31), though their mourning is as much out of pity for themselves as out of pity for Tyre. The chief reason for their sorrow is that, with the loss of Tyre, they have lost the trading partner who, more than any other, has been the source of their wealth (32-36).

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