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Ezekiel 28

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-19

Judgment on the king of Tyre (28:1-19)

The king of Tyre, as representative of the whole nation, is now condemned on account of the pride for which Tyre was famous. Because of the wealth and strength that the country gained through clever trading, Tyre saw itself as all-powerful, answerable to no one. It considered itself to be a god among the nations of the commercial world (28:1-5).
Yahweh, the only true God, will tolerate Tyre’s arrogance no longer. The day of Tyre’s judgment has come (6-7). The city in both its island and mainland sections will become rubble and will be thrown into the sea. The king who thought he was a god will be killed by the foreigners whom he despised, and his body thrown into the sea (8-10).
Tyre, still represented in its king, thought of itself as one who lived in paradise - wealthy, wise, happy, in need of nothing (11-13). Not satisfied with the security it enjoyed and the dominion it exercised over God’s earth, Tyre fell into the sin of wanting to be like God. Just as those who lived in the original paradise were driven out for their arrogance and rebellion, so proud Tyre will be shamefully removed from its place of honour and power (14-17). By the selfish greed and arrogant ambition of its trading activity, Tyre has corrupted itself. It will therefore come to a humiliating end by being smashed and burnt before the gaze of the nations through whom it has made itself rich (18-19).

Verses 20-26

Judgment on Sidon (28:20-26)

Sidon, to the north of Tyre, was another neighbouring state that had oppressed Israel. It too will experience a bloody judgment (20-23). As a result God’s people will have relief from suffering and a more enlightened understanding of him (24). When God has destroyed their enemies, he will bring them back to live contentedly in their land again. His righteous dealings with them will be a striking demonstration to the surrounding nations that the God of Israel is holy (25-26).

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