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2 Chronicles 2

Verse 1

the name of. Figure of speech Pleonasm. See note on Psalms 20:1.

an house for his kingdom. This is described in 1Ki 7, which is complementary to 2 Chronicles 8:1.

Verse 2

And Solomon, &c. The 11th Seder ends here. See note on p. 366.

men. Hebrew. "ish. App-14.

three thousand and six hundred. Compare 1 Kings 5:16.

Verse 3

As = according as.

even so deal with me. Figure of speech Ellipsis (absolute). App-6.

Verse 4

Behold. Figure of speech Asterismos.

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4.

sweet incense = incense of spices.

the continual shewbread. See note on Exodus 25:30; Exodus 40:4.

Verse 5

great. In magnificence, not in size. Not for People; but, for Jehovah"s presence with them.

Verse 6

who is able . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis.

heaven and heaven of heavens. Figure of speech Polyptoton. App-6.

Verse 7

cunning = clever, or skilful. See note on 1 Chronicles 22:15; 1 Chronicles 25:7, and Exodus 26:1.

and. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton.

can skill = know how.

Verse 8

fir = cypress.

algum. See note on 1 Kings 10:11.

Verse 9

wonderful great. Hebrew "great and wonderful". Figure of speech Hendiadys (App-6) = great, yea, wonderfully great.

Verse 10

I will give to thy servants. No discrepancy here with 1 Kings 5:11. There the allowance was for Hiram"s household at Tyre; here for Hiram"s labourers in Lebanon.

beaten wheat: i.e. wheat prepared for food.

baths. See App-51.

Verse 12

heaven and earth. See note on Deuteronomy 4:26.

Verse 14

a woman . . . of Dan. By birth. In 1 Kings 7:14, a widow . . . of Naphtali. By marriage. No discrepancy, as alleged.

Verse 16

floats = rafts.

Verse 17

the strangers. See note on 2 Samuel 12:31, and compare 1 Chronicles 22:2.

Verse 18

set . . . a work = keep the people at work.

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