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Bible Commentaries
2 Chronicles 3

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

mount Moriah. Not mentioned since Genesis 22:2 , nor ever again.

Moriah. Vision of Jah. Refers here to "where Jehovah appeared".

where. See note on 1 Chronicles 22:1 .

had prepared. Compare 1 Chronicles 22:14 ; 1 Chronicles 2:7 .

Verse 3

God. Hebrew. ha-'elohlm, the [true or triune] God.

Verse 4

according to = in the front of.

an hundred and twenty. Read "twenty" by a transposition of letters.

Verse 5

the greater house: i.e. the holy of holies.

cieled = covered. Walls as well as roof.

fir = cypress.

fine = pure.

palm trees: i.e. artificial.

chains = wreathen work. Only found in connection with Tabernacle and Temple.

Verse 7

posts = thresholds.

Verse 8

the most holy = the holy of holies. See note on Exodus 3:5 .

Verse 9

weight of the nails. These small and simple things not excluded. They held all together; and, though out of sight, are remembered and named by God.

Verse 10

image work = carved work. This was no breach of the second commandment, for it was by the Divine Lawgiver's own direction.

Verse 13

inward = toward the Ark.

Verse 14

the vail. Not mentioned in 1 Kings 6:0 .

Verse 15

thirty and five cubits. In 1 Kings 7:15 = eighteen cubits. But there it is "apiece"; here they are reckoned together. See note on 1 Kings 7:15 .

Verse 16

chains = wreathen work.

the oracle. See note on 2 Samuel 16:23 .

Verse 17

Jachin . . . Boaz. See notes on 1 Kings 7:21 .

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