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Acts 8

Verse 1

consenting unto = approving of. Greek. suneu-dokeo. Only here, Acts 22:20. Luke 11:48. Romans 1:32. 1 Corinthians 7:12, 1 Corinthians 7:13. Compare John 16:2

death. Greek. anairesis = taking off. Only here and Acts 22:20 Compare anaireo, Acts 2:23, &c. This clause belongs to the previous chapter.

at = en. App-104

time = day

was = arose

church. App-186

scattered abroad. Greek. diaspeiro. Only here, Acts 8:4; Acts 11:19. Compare diaspora. James 1:1. 1 Peter 1:1

throughout. Greek. kata. App-104

regions = districts

except. Greek. plen.

the apostles. They remained at the center of affairs, to watch over the infant assemblies Compare Acts 8:14. See App-189

Verse 2

devout. Greek. eulabes. See note on Acts 2:5.

carried . . . to his burial. Literally carried away together Greek. sunkomizo Only here.

lamentation. Greek. kopetos. Only here.

Verse 3

As for = But.

made havock of. Greek. lumainoimai. Only here

every house. Greek. kata App-104tous oikous = house by house

haling = dragging Gr. suro. See note on John 21:8.

women. Compare Acts 1:14; Acts 5:14.

prison. Greek. phulake. See Acts 5:19

Verse 4

Therefore, &c. = They therefore indeed.

went every where. Lit passed through. Greek. dierchomai. Occ forty-three times, thirty-one times in Luke and Acts.

preaching. Greek. euangelizo. App-121.

word. Greek. logos. App-121.

Verse 5

preached. Greek. kerusso. App-121.

Christ. i.e. the Messiah App-98.

unto = to

Verse 6

people = crowds. Greek. ochlos.

with one accord. Greek. homothumadon. See note on Acts 1:14.

gave heed. Same word as "take heed in Acts 5:35, and "attended" in Acts 16:14.

which Philip spake = spoken by hupo. App-104Philip.

hearing, &c. Literally in that they heard and saw (Greek. blepo. App-133)

miracles = Greek. semeion. App-176

did = was doing

Verse 7

spirits. App-101

taken with palsies = paralytic. Greek. paraluomai. Only here, Acts 9:33, Luke 5:18, Luke 5:24. Hebrews 12:12. (feeble)

healed. Greek. therapeuo. App-137

Verse 8

was = came to be.

Verse 9

certain. Greek. tis. App-123.

called. Literally by name

beforetime . . . used sorcery Literally before was (Greek. prouparcho Luke 23:12) practicing magic (Greek. mageuo, to act as a magos. Only here. Compare Acts 13:6, Acts 13:8. Matthew 2:1, Matthew 2:7, Matthew 2:16).

same. Omit

and bewitched = bewitching Greek. existemi, to drive out of one"s senses. In middle voice, to be amazed. Compare Acts 2:7, Acts 2:12. Mark 3:21, 2 Corinthians 5:13

people. Greek. ethnos, nation

giving out = saying

some = a certain tis. App-123

Verse 10

from. Greek. apo. App-104.

least, &c. Literally little unto great.

This man = This one.

power. Greek. dunamis. App-172.

God App-98. He thus assumed to be the Divine Logos. Compare 1 Corinthians 1:24.

Verse 11

had regard. Same word as "gave heed" in verses: Acts 8:6; Acts 8:10.

because that . . . he had. Literally because of (Greek. dia. App-104. Acts 8:2) their having been bewitched by.

sorceries = magical arts. Greek. mageia. Only here. Compare mageuo, Acts 8:9.

Verse 12

believed. App-150.

the things. The texts omit.

concerning. Greek. peri. App-104.

the kingdom of God. App-112and App-114.

name. Compare Acts 3:6.

Jesus Christ. App-98.

baptized. App-115.

Verse 13

believed also = also believed. App-150.

continued = was continuing. Greek. proskartereo. See note on Acts 1:14.

wondered = was amazed, or dumbfounded. Middle of existemi. Compare "bewitched", Acts 8:9.

beholding. Greek. theoreo. App-133.

miracles. Greek. dunamis. App-176.

signs. Greek. semeion. App-176. The Authorized Version reverses the translation here. "Miracles and signs" should be "signs and powers, or mighty works". The texts add "great".

Verse 14

sent. Greek. apostello. App-174.

Verse 15

prayed. Greek. proseuchomai. App-134.

for = concerning. Greek. peri, as in Acts 8:12.

the Holy Ghost = holy spirit. Greek. pneuma hagion. No article. App-101.

Verse 16

none = no one. Greek. oudeis. There is a double negative in the sentence.

were = had been. Greek. huparcho See Luke 9:48.

baptized in = baptized into. App-115.

Jesus. App-98. See App-185.

Verse 17

on = upon. Greek. epi. App-104.

received = were receiving, i.e. continuing to receive.

Verse 18

saw. Greek. theaomai. App-133. The texts read eidon. App-133.

through. Greek. dia. App-104. Acts 8:1.

the Holy Ghost. to pneuma to hagion. Both articles, because referring to what has been already spoken of in Acts 8:15.

was = is.

Verse 19

power = authority. Greek. exousia. App-172.

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

Verse 20

perish. Literally be unto (Greek. eis) destruction (Greek. apoleia). See John 17:12. Peter"s indignant words are an instance of Figure of speech Apodioxis. App-6.

with. Greek. sun. App-104.

that, &c. = to purchase.

gift = free gift. Greek. dorea. See Acts 2:38.

with = through. Greek. diet. App-104. Acts 8:1.

Verse 21

neither = not. Greek. ou.

lot. Greek. kleros. Compare Acts 1:17, Acts 1:25, Acts 1:26.

matter = reckoning, or account. Greek. logos. App-121.

not. Greek. ou, as above.

in the sight of = in the eyes of. Greek. enopion. But the texts read enanti, before.

Verse 22

Repent. Greek. metanoeo. App-111.

of = from. Greek. apo.

wickedness. Greek. kakia. App-128.

pray. Greek. deomai. App-134.

God. App-98. The texts read "Lord".

if. Greek. ei. App-118.

thought. Greek. epinoia. Only here.

may = shall.

forgiven. Greek. aphiemi. App-174.

Verse 23

perceive = see. Greek. horao. App-133.

gall. Greek. chole. Only here and Matthew 27:34. Compare Deuteronomy 29:18.

bitterness. Greek. pikria. Here, Romans 3:14. Ephesians 4:31. Hebrews 12:15.

bond. Greek. sundesmos. Here, Ephesians 4:3. Colossians 2:19; Colossians 3:14. A medical word for a ligature.

iniquity. Greek. adikia. App-128.

Verse 24

answered, &c. App-122.

to. Greek. pros.

none = not one. Greek. medeis.

upon. Greek. epi. App-104. From this incident comes the term "simony" for traffic in sacred things.

Verse 25

And they. Literally They indeed therefore.

testified. Greek. diamarturomai, i.e. fulfilled their testimony. Compare Acts 2:40.

preached = spoke. Greek. laleo. App-121.

preached the gospel in = evangelized. Greek. euangelizo. App-121.

villages. Once John had wished to call down fire from heaven on a Samaritan village. Luke 9:54.

Verse 26

And = But.

the = an.

spake. Greek. laleo, as Acts 8:25.

Arise. Greek. anistemi. App-178.

towards = down to. Greek. kata. App-104.

unto. Greek. epi.

unto. Greek. eis. App-104.

Gaza. One of the five cities of the Philistines; destroyed by Alexander.

Verse 27

behold. Greek. idou. App-133.

of great authority = a potentate. Greek. dunastes. App-98.

under = of.

Candace. A title of the queens of Ethiopia. Compare Pharaoh.

queen. Greek. basilissa. Only here, Matthew 12:42. Luke 11:31. Revelation 18:7.

had the charge of = was over (Greek. epi. App-104.)

treasure. Greek. gaza. Only here.

worship. Greek. proskuneo. App-137.

Verse 28

in = upon. Greek. epi. App-104.

Verse 29

Then = And.

the Spirit, i.e. the angel. App-101.

join thyself. Greek. kollaomai. See note on Acts 5:13.

Verse 30

And. Same as "Then", Acts 8:29.

ran thither to him, and. Literally having run up.

Understandest. Greek. ginosko. App-132. Figure of speech Paregmenon. App-6. "Read" is anaginosko.

Verse 31

except. Literally If (App-118.) . . . not (App-105).

some man = some one. Greek. tis. App-123.

guide me = lead me in the way. Greek. hodegeo. Only here, Matthew 15:14. Luke 6:39. John 16:13. Revelation 7:17.

desired = besought. Greek. parakaleo. App-134.

Verse 32

The place = Now the context. Greek. perioche. Only here. Quoted from Isaiah 53:7, almost word for word from the Septuagint

slaughter. Greek. sphage. Only here, Romans 8:36. James 5:5.

lamb. Greek. amnos. See note on John 1:29.

dumb. Greek. aphonos, voiceless. Only here, 1 Corinthians 12:2; 1 Corinthians 14:10. 2 Peter 2:16. The usual word in the Gospels is kophos.

his shearer = the one shearing (Greek. keiro) him.

Verse 33

humiliation = low estate. Referring to the whole period of His life on earth. Greek. tapeinosis. Only here, Luke 1:48. Philippians 1:3, Philippians 1:21. James 1:10.

judgment. Greek. krisis. App-177.

declare = tell. Greek. diegeomai. Only here, Acts 9:27; Acts 12:17. Mark 5:16; Mark 9:9. Luke 8:39; Luke 9:10. Hebrews 11:32.

generation = posterity. Greek. genea. Compare Matthew 1:17. See also Daniel 9:26, "have nothing" (Revised Version) John 12:24, "alone".

for = because.

life. Greek. zoe. App-170.

earth. Greek. ge. App-129.

Verse 35

Then = But.

opened his mouth. A Hebraism. Figure of speech Idioma. App-6.

at = from. Greek. apo. App-104.

the same = this.

Verse 36

On = down. Greek. kata. App-104.

See = Behold. Greek. idou. App-133.

Verse 37

Most texts omit this verse. The Revised Version puts it in the margin.

with = out of. Greek. ek.

Son. Greek. huios. App-108. See also App-98.

Verse 38

into. Greek. eis.

Verse 39

Out of. Greek. ek. App-104.

saw. Greek. eidon. App-133.

no more. Greek. ouk ouketi, a double negative.

and = for. Supply ellipsis, taught by the Spirit, he needed him not.

went on his way = went his way.

rejoicing. Compare Acts 8:8.

Verse 40

was found = was carried to, and found. A constructioproegnans.

at = to. Greek. eis. App-104.

Azotus. = Ashdod. See Joshua 11:22.

till. Greek. heos.

Caeserea. Not Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13), but the place on the coast, between Carmel and Joppa. It was built by Herod, and called Caesarea Sebaste, in honour of Augustus (Greek. Sebastoa) Caesar. Herod built a mole or breakwater, so as to make a harbour (Josephus, Antiquities XVI, 8, 1). Now a ruin.

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