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Bible Commentaries
Isaiah 46

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Bel. Abbreviation of Baal = lord. Here = Zeus, or Jupiter of the Greek and Roman mythology.

Nebo. Answers to the Egyptian Anubis, Greek Hermes, and Roman Mercurius (compare Acts 14:12 ). These gods were indeed brought down.

your carriages = the things ye carried about: i.e. in procession (Amos 5:26 ).

were heavy loaden = are become a burden.

they are a burden = [are even now] loaded on beasts [for exile].

Verse 2

they. Aram, and Syriac, with five early printed editions, read "and they". But some codices, with two early printed editions, omit "and".

themselves = their soul. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13 .

Verse 3

Hearken. Note the two calls to hear: here, and Isaiah 46:12 . See App-82 .

house of Jacob. See note on Isaiah 2:5 .

house of Israel. See note on Isaiah 5:7 .

which = who are borne. Reference to Pentateuch (Exodus 19:4 .Deuteronomy 1:31 ; Deuteronomy 32:11 ). App-92 .

which. Some codices, with two early printed editions, Aramaean, and Septuagint, read "and who".

Verse 4

even = yea. Some codices, with three early printed editions, Syriac, and Vulgate, omit "yea".

Verse 6

god. Hebrew El. App-4 .

Verse 8

Remember. Reference to Pentateuch (Deuteronomy 32:7 ). App-92 .

men. Hebrew. 'ish. App-14 .

bring it again. The Western reading was "and bring it", &c.

transgressors = rebels. Hebrew. pasha'. App-44 .

Verse 9

GOD. Hebrew El. App-4 .

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

none. See note on Isaiah 5:8 .

Verse 11

the man that executeth My counsel = the man of My counsel: i.e. Cyrus, a type of Messiah, set apart by God for this special service. See App-57 .

I will also bring it to pass. Reference to Pentateuch (Numbers 23:19 ).

Verse 13

shall not tarry = will not be too late.

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Isaiah 46". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/isaiah-46.html. 1909-1922.
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