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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 46

Verses 1-13

Isaiah 46:1-13 . The Helpless Plight of Babylon’ s Gods Contrasted with the Saving Might of Yahweh.

Isaiah 46:1 f. In vision the prophet sees the images of Babylon’ s gods (two of the most prominent are named), taken from their proud pedestals and placed upon the victor’ s beasts. So far from delivering others, or even their own images, Bel and Nabu are carried away captive. The general drift is clear, but details are uncertain owing to corruption of the text.

Isaiah 46:1 . and upon the cattle: delete as gloss on “ beasts.”— the things that ye carried about: the images carried in festive processions, but perhaps after beasts we should read simply, “ laid as a load upon the weary cattle.”

Isaiah 46:3-13 . Yahweh addresses all the survivors of Israel, wherever they may dwell; He compares His people to an infant; He has carried them from birth, and will carry them to the end. How then can He be likened to any image, which is a burden, not a bearer? ( Isaiah 46:6-8 is late, probably of the same origin as Isaiah 44:9-20. It pours scorn on the men who weigh out precious metal to be made into an image which they worship, though they have to bear it to its pedestal, from which it cannot move to the help of its devotees. The apostate Jews are bidden reflect on their idolatry.) Let His people remember His former predictions, since fulfilled, proving His power to carry out His will. He is calling Cyrus to perform His plan, rapid in execution, like a swift-swooping bird of prey. The downhearted (LXX) who are despairing of salvation are promised that Yahweh shall bring it without delay.

Isaiah 46:4 . made: read, “ borne.”

Isaiah 46:8 . shew yourselves men: read, “ own your guilt.”

Isaiah 46:11 . counsel: “ purpose.”

Isaiah 46:12 f. righteousness: “ deliverance.”

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