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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Job 28

Verse 1

Surely. This is the continuation of Zophar's last address. Not Job's words. Compare Job 35:16 ; Job 38:2 . They are opposed to his own words, and confirm those of his friends. Compare his second address, Job 20:1-29 .

is = doth exist.

vein = outlet: i.e. mine, or shaft.

Verse 2

earths = dust.

Verse 3

he = man: i.e. the miner.

Verse 4

men = mortal men.

Verse 8

lion's whelps = sons of pride: i.e. ravenous beasts. nor = and . . . not.

Verse 9

rock = flint.

Verse 22

Destruction. Hebrew. Abaddon.

Verse 23

winds. Hebrew. ruach. App-9 .

Verse 28

the fear = the reverence.

the LORD* . One of the 134 alterations of the Sopherim ( App-32 ), by which the name "Jehovah" in the primitive text, was changed to Adonai.

that is wisdom. This was a libel on Job, for Job had this "fear" or reverence; yet he was suffering. That was the very point in question, and leads up to the answer. This was Zophar's philosophy. The fear of the LORD is not true wisdom; it is only "the beginning of wisdom" (Psalms 111:10 . Proverbs 1:7 ; Proverbs 9:10 ). True wisdom is to take the place of the sinner before God, and Job takes this place (Job 42:5 , Job 42:6 ). This is "the end of the LORD" (James 5:11 ), and it is "the end" of this book. This wisdom "justifies God" (Psalms 51:3 , Psalms 51:4 , Psalms 51:6 . Matthew 11:19 . Luke 7:35 ). True wisdom is "given", and we have to be "made" to know it (Proverbs 30:24 . 2 Timothy 3:15 . 2Ti 38:36 ). Compare Job 33:27 , Job 33:28 ; Job 34:31 ; Job 35:11 ; Job 39:17 . Zophar's was human wisdom founded on human merit. To depart from evil is what every prudent man would do from good policy.

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