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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Judges 15

Verse 1

kid = kid of the goats.

I will go in = Let me come in.

Verse 3

concerning = to.

Now = this once.

Verse 4

foxes = jackals These go in packs, foxes go alone.

firebrands = torches.

Verse 6

burnt her and her father. Some codices, with one early printed edition, Septuagint, and Syriac, read "burned the house of her father".

Verse 7

this = like [this]: i.e. on this wise.

Verse 8

went down. Some codices, with one early printed edition, and Syriac, read "went".

top = cleft.

Verse 9

pitched = camped.

Verse 10

men. Hebrew. "ish. App-14.

as = according as.

Verse 14

against = at meeting him, or to meet him. the Spirit. Hebrew. ruach. No art. here.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4.

Verse 15

jawbone of an ass. One of the seven "weak things" in Judges. See note on Judges 3:21.

Verse 16

With. Note the alternation of four lines. Another pointing of the second line given in Septuagint is, chamor chamartlm = "destroying I destroyed them", which by Figure of speech Polyptoton (App-6) = I utterly destroyed them. There is also the Figure of speech Antanaclasis in the words chamor, "ass", and "destroyed".

Verse 17

Bamath-lehi = the uplifting of the jawbone.

Verse 19

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4. Not Jehovah. A sign of distant or withdrawn relationship. in Judges 13:24, Judges 13:25, and Judges 14:4, Judges 14:6, we have Jehovah, but not again in Samson"s history till he is humbled, Judges 16:20; then he prays to Jehovah, Judges 15:28.

clave an hollow place that was in the jaw = clave open the hollow that is in Lehi.

spirit = courage. Hebrew. ruach. App-9.

En-hakkore = the Caller"s Fount.

Verse 20

twenty. See note on Judges 13:24.

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