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Judges 15

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-20

Samson Slaughters the Philistines

Samson, being denied his wife, burns the corn of the Philistines. He is delivered up to them by the men of Judah, but bursts his bonds, and slaughters many of the Philistines.

1, 2. Samson is denied his wife.

1. Wheat harvest] i.e. about May: cp. Judges 15:4. The reason for the last clause is given in Judges 14:19, Judges 14:20.

2. The father still desires to be conciliatory to one who might prove so valuable a son-in-law.

3-8. Samson’s Revenge.

3. More blameless than, etc.] RV blameless in regard of.. when I do them a mischief.’ Samson means that the Philistines have now clearly put themselves in the wrong.

4. Foxes] RM ’jackals.’

6. See Judges 14:15.

7. Though ye have done] RV ’if ye do.’

8. Top, etc.] RV ’cleft of the rock of Etam.’ Samson leaves his own tribe for the neighbouring territory of Judah.

9-13. The action, of the men of Judah.

9. Lehi] The name means ’jawbone,’ perhaps from some resemblance in its shape. The site is not definitely known.

10, 11. Each party represents the other as the aggressor. Observe Judah’s dread of the Philistines. It is not difficult, with such a spirit, to understand foreign domination. Nor is one tribe under any obligation to assist a member of another.

14-20. Samson’s Deliverance and Slaughter of the Philistines.

14. The Spirit] see on Judges 13:25. Loosed] RV ’dropped.’

15. New] i.e. fresh: not dry or brittle: such might easily be found lying on the ground. A thousand men] op. Judges 3:31 and 2 Samuel 23:11.

16. In the Hebrew this v. reads as two jingling lines, with a pun on ’ass’ and ’heaps.’

17. Called that place] RV ’that place was called.’ Properly, Ramath means ’height.’ The name was ’Jawbone height’: by another pun the meaning ’Jawbone-throw’ is suggested.

19. That was in the jaw] RV ’that is in Lehi,’ a hollow (Heb. ’mortar’) in the ground close to the scene of the slaughter. The ’caller’ (Heb. hakkôrç) is the name for the partridge: cp. 1 Samuel 26:20.

20. He judged] cp. prefatory note to Judges 13.

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