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Ezekiel 7

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-27

  1. THE END HAS COME! (7:1-27)
    1. Judgment could no longer be adverted; it was certain.
    2. Again, it was because of their abominations(3,4,6,9) a reference to their immoral idolatry. (immoral because married to Jehovah, thus any other god is adultery)
    3. (12) Activity & commerce would cease; there would be no buying & selling.
    4. (13) Their belongings would become worthless, since they would be confiscated by the Babylonians.
      1. What was most important was their lives!
    5. God speaks in the events of life.
      1. Q: What effect do our circumstances have on us?
      2. Q: Do they harden our attitudes or make us bitter?
      3. Or, do they cause us to develop humility & a contrite/pure spirit? (Shepherd’s Notes; pg.15.)
    6. (16) The few who escape over the mountains would be left to cry out over their sin like mourning doves.
      1. Named after its mournful sounding call.
    7. (17) Courage & morale would be gone.
    8. Wrong Use of Money! (19)
      1. They had foolishly used their God-given finances to build idols.
    9. Temple Defiled! (20-22)
    10. God even allows Babylonians to defile His secret place. /
      1. But hat’s the very place they had defiled.
      2. That’s like us selling our place here to become a…..
    11. MAKE A CHAIN! [symbolizes captivity] (23-27)
    12. All the things that Judah trusted in will not help them.
      1. Not money(19); not idols; not even their leaders(24-27).
    13. I’d like to end with Ps.30:5 (read 1-5)
    14. (5) Anger vs. Favor –
      1. Hey, give me the side effects of the Malaria pills, verses Malaria in full strength. - Give me the discomfort of a typhoid shot, rather then typhoid’s wrath.
      2. Let God’s anger be a brief discomfort, that helps you repent & turn from sin. (LAB)
    15. Moment vs. for life –
      1. Q: Have we flip flopped this fact in our minds or hearts?
        1. Whenever we fret & are impatient under affliction…doesn’t every minute seem like hours, & every day seem like weeks? – And then we think that God’s favor towards us was only for a moment last week!
      2. 2 Cor.4:17,18 “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”
      3. Gods Goodness(favor), in His estimation, outweighs His displeasure a hundredfold.
    16. Weeping vs. Joy –
      1. Endure = to lodge, or pass the night.
      2. Whatever is causing the weeping is only a night guest!
        1. He must be gone at daybreak.
      3. When morning breaks – who is this running to the door? It is JOY!
        1. Joy comes as, not a night guest, but as the owner who has been running all through the night & now has returned home.
        2. His key opens every room & closets lock.
        3. His presence fills every room with himself…JOY unspeakable!
        4. Sorrow & sighing flee!
          1. They run fast out the backdoor, as Joy bursts through the front door.
      4. Obviously that doesn’t mean that at sunrise (at 5:37am) you’ll never have a weeping hangover.
        1. It means that in comparison to whatever we have to face down here, even the most debilitating disease or excruciating pain, it won’t hold a candle to even a whiff of Heavens Joy!
    17. If things seem dark to you now, wait for the morning to dawn. He can change everything…in a hurry!
      1. No matter how dark the night, DAWN WILL COME!
      2. No matter how heavy your heart, 1 DAY THERE WILL B A SONG!
    18. Story - "Enjoying" the price.

      In old age, Pierre Auguste Renoir(ren-war), the great French painter, suffered from arthritis, which twisted and cramped his hand.

      His friend, Henri Matise, watched sadly while Renoir, grasping a brush with only his fingertips, continued to paint, even though each movement caused stabbing pain. One day, Matise asked Renoir why he persisted in painting at the expense of such torture. Renoir replied, "The pain passes, but the beauty remains."
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