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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Ezra 5

Verses 1-17

    1. Read 5:1-5 - It seems they really didn’t have any right to stop the work to begin with.
    2. With this prophetic message, Zerubbabel & Joshua commenced the work again.
      1. But typical, no sooner then when they get back to the work, opposition was raised again.
      2. This time they give no heed.
      3. Why? Because...the eye of their God was upon the elders of the Jews. 5:5
    3. The enemy had a short-lived triumph.
    4. About 15 years lapse from the end of ch.4 to 5:1.
      1. During that time God prepares 2 prophets to renew & strengthen the work.
    5. F.B.Meyer, If God has clearly set us to do a work for him, let us go through w/it in spite of all human opposition. (F.B.Meyer; pg.200)
      1. Storms are the methods by which he reveals our weakness & His all-sufficiency.
      2. God’s plan shall stand, though earth be in arms to resist it.
    6. (5:6-17) The letter Tattenai sent to Darius. I’ll Read vs.17
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