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Isaiah 53

Verses 1-12

    1. Humbly He Came! (53:1-3)
    2. (1) The unbelief of Israel: they saw Him; heard Him; but would not trust Him.
      1. Triple rejection: [1] Rejected His Words(report) [2] Rejected His Works Works(the arm of the Lord) [3] Rejected His Person(vs.2)
    3. (2) Tender plant – He wasn’t a great tree just a humble bush.
    4. Dry ground – the nation was barren & dry spiritually.
    5. Our Substitute! (4-6)
    6. (4a) Fulfilled when Christ healed the sick in His earthly ministry.
      1. In His life he dealt with their sickness, in His death their sin!
      2. Christ’s atoning death paid the penalty of sin, not sickness!
      3. Peter interpreted it this way in 1 Pet.1:24!
    7. This section answers, “Why did an innocent Jesus have to die such a terrible death?”
      1. Substitution! - taking the place of sinners, bearing our judgment.
      2. It is only thought this atoning of sin that God can bless Israel & us.
    8. (5) He the price He paid –
      1. [1] Wounded – “pierced”, referring to is death on the cross, pierced by nails.
      2. [2] Bruised – “crushed”, as under a burden, the weight of sin laid on Him.
      3. [3] Chastised – “punished”, as though he had broken the law. With stripes from the scourging.
    9. (6) We are sinners by birth & sinners by choice!
      1. Birth – “All we like sheep have gone astray.”
      2. Choice – “We have turned, every one to his own way.” (Warren Wiersbe; Outline in OT.)
      3. All – humanity is depraved & fallen!
        1. Note this verse starts with the “all” of condemnation, & ends with the “all” of salvation!
      4. Here is the heart of the gospel… Christ died for our sins!
    10. Note the pronouns!
    11. Show Rembrandt(Dutch artist) Sketch.
      1. Note: Light & dark; note shining only on one thief.
      2. Drew himself in the pic – personalizing his part!
        1. For it is not only a historical event, but actually we were all participants in the crucifixion.
      3. It is easy to say “He died for the sins of the world”, but can you say he died for “my sin!”
      4. “Twas I that shed the sacred blood; I nailed him to the tree; I crucified the Christ of God; I joined the mockery!” (Bread for each Day; April 12.)
        1. Look deeper into the picture until you see yourself there!
    12. He is the OT scapegoat(Lev.16) – on whose head the penitent laid their hands on its head.
    13. The great message of Calvary is “Christ for us”!
      1. 3 great themes of our Christian Festivals:
        1. [1] Christmas – God with us.
        2. [2] Easter – God for us.
        3. [3] Pentecost - God in us.
    14. Doctrine of substitutionary atonement is crucial to our belief!
      1. Jesus didn’t die a martyrs death; or only as a supreme act of love; or even as an act of bravery.
      2. He died as our substitute, in our place, for our sins! [again note all the pronouns!]
    15. Willing Sacrifice! (7-9)
    16. He was not treated justly: He was oppressed, harassed, treated roughly…Yet He did not complain or cry out!
      1. He was the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world!
      2. Why didn’t he react? Because this is what he came to do!
    17. Complete submission to the will of the Father! (How about us?)
      1. Q: How do you handle when you are misunderstood?
      2. Q: How do you have something evil said of you?
      3. This grinding test proves whether we are solid gold or simply gold-plated! [when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold]
    18. (8a) Speaks of his unfair trial.
    19. (8b) He was “cut off’ like an unclean leper & cast out of the city.
    20. Philip explained to the Ethiopian eunuch this was Jesus!(Acts 8:32-35)
    21. A lamb – being led to slaughter, powerless, & unable to speak.
    22. Pleased!!! (10-12)
    23. God is in control, reconciling the world unto Himself!
      1. Acts 4:27,28 “For truly against Your holy Servant Jesus, whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the people of Israel, were gathered together to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose determined before to be done”
        1. Who’s to blame/responsible for His death…all of the above!
    24. Pleased the Lord? – To see His Son’s suffering? (No!)
      1. To see it’s results…the work of salvation completed, sacrifice accepted, & sin atoned for? (Yes!)
      2. All of this was planned by God & it was a complete success!
      3. This is the God-ward side of the cross!
      4. Now, a holy God could, in his Grace save undeserving sinners!!!
    25. (10) Prolonged His days(Res.) - See His seed(given a spiritual family)
      1. Now we see why Is.9:6 says the Son is our Everlasting Father.
    26. (12) An inheritance from the Father –
      1. He conquered sin & Satan.
        1. Jesus, like a victorious General, is given the spoils.
      2. On earth he was lightly esteemed, now ranked with the great!
    27. Closing statements take us back to the cross!
      1. Numbered w/the transgressors – crucified between 2 thieves.
      2. Made intercession for the transgressors – praying for them on cross.
    28. There is no place in the OT where we are nearer to the heart of the gospel than here!
      1. One of the “more important” things I learned as a youth, was to spin a Frisbee. (spent hours doing that the summer of 1979)
        1. The art of it was to keep your finger centered!
      2. Our whole art of Christianty?…to be Centered on the Cross!
      3. Jesus didn’t die a martyrs death; or only as a supreme act of love; or even as an act of bravery.
        1. He died as our substitute, in our place, for our sins!
      4. You must trust in His atoning death, realizing “He died for me!”
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