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Ezekiel 45

Smith's Bible CommentarySmith's Commentary

Verses 1-25

Chapter 45

Now in chapter 45 he describes here the length and all of the city, of the land itself. And it is described here as being,

in length twenty-five thousand reeds, and in breadth ten thousand reeds. And then the sanctuary five hundred in length, five hundred in breadth, square round about; and fifty cubits around that for the suburbs. And of this measure thou shalt measure the length twenty-five thousand, the breadth ten thousand: it shall be the sanctuary and the most holy place. The holy portion of the land shall be for the priests and the ministers ( Ezekiel 45:1-4 ),

So this is the area that God has set aside for those priests and those ministers in the land, the holy place for the sanctuary.

And ye shall appoint the possession of the city five thousand broad, and twenty-five thousand long, over against the oblation of the holy portion: it shall be for the whole house of Israel. Now the portion for the prince one side of the other side of the oblation of the holy portion, the possession of the city, before the oblation to the holy portion, and before the possession of the city, from the west side westward, from the east side eastward: the length shall be over against one of the portions, from the west ( Ezekiel 45:6-7 )

And you see why I haven't gone through the whole thing? I get lost in this to tell you the truth. And so there's a lot of this that I just file and say, "All right, Lord, one day when I see it maybe I'll understand it. But I just don't get it now." And that's just the way it is.

Now the Lord commands the princes in verse Ezekiel 45:9 to,

remove violence and spoil, and execute judgment and justice, take away your exactions from my people, saith the Lord GOD ( Ezekiel 45:9 ).

In other words, quit taxing the people. That's an interesting thing.

And ye shall have just balances, a just ephah, and a bath. An ephah and a bath shall be of one measure ( Ezekiel 45:10-11 ),

Now, many times those merchants in those days had weights to sell with and weights to buy. And you can see what could happen with that. One set of weights to buy from you and another set of weights to sell to you. And so these measurements are to equal those that you buy with and those that you sell with. One. And he goes ahead and tells the measurements and the size of the measurements and so forth that will be in those days, things that we cannot really relate to now.

The cleansing of the sanctuary is spoken of in verse Ezekiel 45:18 , with a bullock without blemish, and how that the priests are to take the blood of it and put it upon the posts of the house and upon the four corners and upon the posts of the gates in the inner court.

And thou shalt do this the seventh day of the month for every one that erreth, and for him that is simple: so shall ye reconcile the house ( Ezekiel 45:20 ).

And the Feast of the Passover is to be re-instituted, and that should be extremely interesting when, again, they have the Feast of the Passover as they had celebrated in so many times in their history fantastic, glorious events in the celebration of the Feast of the Passover. "

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