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Ezekiel 45

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The subject of the preceding Chapters is still continued through this. The Prophet is informed of the different portions to be set apart, for the sanctuary and the city, and the Prince.

Verses 1-6

If there were no other evidence but what those six verses contain, in proof, that somewhat of an higher nature, and design, than any event which ever yet took place, in the Jewish history, in the extent of their city and temple is intended, this passage would be sufficient. After the captivity in Babylon was ended, and the people returned to their home, never did they possess territories like what are here described. And though the second temple did indeed, in point of glory, possess by the Lord Jesus's presence, infinitely more than the first, yet, what is here said of extent and greatness, refers to a greater glory in the Church, in point of multitude, than hath yet been seen. Hence it should seem to follow, that the Prophet is here taught to look forward to the faith and expectations of that blessed period of the Church, which is to distinguish the latter day glory; when a little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation, Isaiah 60:22 .

Verses 7-8

There is a striking difference in what is said here, between the Prince, and princes. The Prince is evidently spoken of as one particular person. Princes in the plural, differ totally from this identical one. Dan_8:25; Dan_9:25-26 .

Verses 9-16

Here are, precepts adapted to those that minister in the departments of justice, suited to Israel at all times, and upon all occasions. If the Reader wishes to know the proportion to our standard, in weights and measures, the table at the end of most Bibles will inform him.

Verses 17-25

Concerning the passover, and all the other offerings here appointed, we have only to consider them through the medium of the Gospel, and behold how all, and every one, pointed to Christ, our passover; and in Him had their accomplishment. To Him give all the Prophets witness; and in Him we discover the whole tendency, and end of the law, for righteousness to everyone that believeth, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile. Acts 10:43 ; Romans 10:4 .

Verse 25


To whom shall I look, blessed Jesus, but to thee, as the glorious Prince here spoken of, and the sovereign of thy Church, thine house, and thy people. Surely, Lord, all and every oblation is of thine own free cost, and thou art the sum and substance of all. In whatever point of view thy redeemed behold thee, under whatever period of thy Church, thou art regarded, thou art the same: the Alpha and Omega; the Lord of thy Temple; the Prophet, Priest, and King. Through every dispensation, whether Law, or Gospel; under every government, in thy suffering state, and triumphant state; the reign of grace, and the reign of glory: the Church militant, or the Church victorious; the millennial, or the everlasting kingdom; thy dominion extends through all, and thou art over all, God blessed forever! Oh! then cause every man to bow before thee, and every tongue to confess that thou art Jesus Christ, the ever blessed ever glorious Prince and Saviour, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

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