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Ezekiel 45

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Verses 1-17

Seeing that the priests were to have no inheritance, the next section of the prophecy dealt fittingly with the method of their support. After the distribution of the land, a description of which followed later, a lot was to be set apart at its very center as an oblation to the Lord, and was to be looked on as holy land. Of this one part was to be for the maintenance of the priests and another for the Levites. On each side of this holy square of territory, land was to be set apart for the prince, and the princes of Jehovah were to oppress the people no more.

The prophet immediately followed with Jehovah's charge to the princes. Their duty was to cease violence and taking spoil, and executing judgment and justice. The standards of weight and measurement were then given, and the provision for the offerings of the prince was described. These offerings were provided by the people for the burnt-offerings and the meal offerings and the drink-offerings, and it was the prince's duty to provide these things for the priests out of this resource.

Verses 18-25

This passage constitutes one paragraph dealing with the arrangements for the feasts, and appointed times and seasons. Twice a year the sacred ceremony of cleansing the sanctuary was to be performed, on the first day of the first month, and on the first day of the seventh month. In this provision the holiness of God is insisted upon, in that it is an atonement for the house on the behalf, not of any individuals, or of specific sins, but "for everyone that erreth, and for him that is simple."

The Passover feast was still to be observed, and also the feast of Tabernacles. In addition to these great festivals, arrangements were made for the ceremonial observance of sabbaths, and of months, and also for the daily offerings. In this connection instructions followed which made it impossible for the prince at any time to alienate ultimately his inheritance in the land. What he gave to his sons must be of his own inheritance, in order that the people be not disinherited. Ezekiel was conducted by the angel through the boiling houses in which the servants of the sanctuary were to prepare that portion of the offerings of which the people were to partake.

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