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1 Timothy 2

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

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Verses 1-15

Concerning Prayer, Thanksgiving, and the Place of Women

1-8. The second charge to Timothy—to teach those over whom he was set to use public prayer and intercession.

1. Therefore] in the sense of ’well then.’

First of all] His first exhortation as to Christian men is that they should pray. Supplications, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings] The duty of the Christian Church in the matter of intercession is to offer prayers for others, and to give thanks for good things happening to others, and for events relating to others which may be a blessing to herself.

For all men] Christian charity and good-will excludes none.

2. For kings] Nero was at this time emperor. The Apostle’s instruction, therefore, shows that the prayers of the Church are to be offered for bad rulers as well as good. For all that are in authority] that they may be so directed as to further the peace and prosperity of Christ’s Church.

That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness] cp. the Prayer for the Church Militant, ’that under him we may be godly and quietly governed.’

3. This is good] that is, the public offering of intercessory prayers.

God our Saviour] see 1 Timothy 1:1.

4. Will have, etc.] RV ’willeth that all men should.’

5-7. A summary statement of the gospel which St. Paul preached. It is introduced in connexion with the doctrine of God’s will that all men should be saved. Surely that is His will, is the Apostle’s argument, for He is the God of all (there is no other), and Christ, Himself Man, is the Mediator of all (there is no other), and He is the Redeemer of all, as was shown to be the case, when the due time came, by the means appointed by God, one of which means was St. Paul’s own preaching and his apostleship of the Gentiles.

7. I speak the truth] St. Paul does not forget that his apostleship had been denied, and takes occasion to reaffirm it: see 1 Corinthians 9:1; 2 Corinthians 12:12.

Teacher of the Gentiles] Galatians 2:9. In faith and verity] The faith, which was also the truth, was the subject of his teaching to the Gentiles.

8. As to men (contrasted with women, about whom he is about to give a different charge), they are not to quarrel and dispute, but, wherever they are, they are to pray. Men] RV ’the men,’ that is, the male members of the Church. Doubting] RV ’disputing.’ Lifting up holy hands] the gesture of the early Christians, and perhaps the most natural gesture in very earnest prayer.

9-15. The third charge to Timothy, as to the comely behaviour of women, and their place in the Church.

9, 10. In like manner] rather, ’so also’; there is no likeness in the conduct enjoined on women to what has gone before. The first rule is, that their ornament is not to be braiding of hair or wearing of jewels or fine dresses, but good works and modesty and serenity of life. There is no prohibition of women wearing jewels and head-dresses and handsome gowns here, but they are not to regard them as their real ornaments in comparison with good life.

11, 12. The second rule is, that they are not to teach in the congregation, and are to be submissive.

13, 14. Two reasons which show, not cause, inferiority on the part of the woman. Man was created before woman, who was formed to be a helpmeet for him; and woman was the first transgressor, showing that her weakness more readily yielded to temptation.

15. In childbearing] i.e. by keeping faithfully and simply to her allotted sphere as wife and mother.

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