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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

1 Timothy 2

Verses 1-7

1 Timothy 2:1 to 1 Timothy 3:16 . The Charge Respecting Church Regulations.

( a) 1 Timothy 2:1-Ezra : . Public Worship.

1 Timothy 2:1-Judges : . Public Prayer.— Paul requires, as of first importance, the offering of public prayer in a catholic spirit. Since the Christian’ s rejection of state-religion might appear treasonable, he especially names kings and high officials ( cf. Romans 13:1 ff.). Such prayer for all men is well-pleasing to God. For His will is all men’ s salvation and enlightenment, as is shown by ( a) God’ s own Unity (if there is only one God, all men are equally His care); ( b) the oneness of the Mediator (He, as Man, represented all mankind); and ( c) the universal purpose of Christ’ s sacrifice— a truth to be attested in its proper season, Paul himself being constituted a witness.

1 Timothy 2:1 . intercessions: rather, “ petitions.”

1 Timothy 2:2 . gravity: “ honesty” (AV) bears its old sense of “ propriety.”

1 Timothy 2:4 f. To interpret these verses as anti-Gnostic entirely destroys the sequence of thought.

1 Timothy 2:6 . a ransom: The Gr. word contains the preposition (found also in Matthew 20:28) denoting “ instead of.”

1 Timothy 2:7 . Cf. 2 Timothy 1:11. I speak, etc.: insists on Paul’ s apostolic authority, which the false teachers probably denied.

Verses 8-15

1 Timothy 2:8-Ezra : . The Behaviour of Women.— Public prayer, characterised by the right spirit, must be offered only by men. Women’ s part is to dress modestly, finding their chief adornment in good works. They may neither teach in public nor rule. Their’ s is the inferior position ( a) because woman was created later than man; ( b) because, while his first sin was deliberate, hers was due to the ease with which she was deceived— a proof of her unfitness to guide others. Nevertheless, exhibiting the Christian virtues in her natural sphere and functions, woman shall thereby work out her salvation. Cf. p. 650 .

1 Timothy 2:8 . lifting, etc.: this attitude, pagan as well as Jewish and Christian, denoted expectation of blessing.

1 Timothy 2:9 . Cf. 1 Peter 3:3 ff.— shamefastness: the modesty of womanly reserve.

1 Timothy 2:11 . Cf. 1 Corinthians 14:34 f .

1 Timothy 2:12 . to teach: i.e. publicly; cf. Titus 2:3.

1 Timothy 2:13 . Cf. 1 Corinthians 1:18 f.

1 Timothy 2:13 f. Such arguments belong to Paul’ s day rather than our own ( cf. Deissmann, Paul, pp. 103 ff.).

1 Timothy 2:15 . the childbearing: cf. Genesis 3:16, and (for man’ s case) Genesis 3:17. The interpretation “ through the Childbearing,” i.e. the Messiah’ s birth, is less suited to the argument.

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