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2 Chronicles 3

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-17

Particulars relating to the Temple

This and the following chapter abbreviate what is recorded in 1 Kings 6, 7.

1. Moriah] Here the designation of the Temple hill, but in Genesis 22:2 of the ’land’ in which was situated the hill where Isaac was to be sacrificed. Where the Lord appeared unto] better ’which was shown unto,’ i.e. by the acceptance of the king’s sacrifice (1 Chronicles 21:28; 1 Chronicles 22:1).

3. These are the things, etc.] RV ’these are the foundations which Solomon laid’: the v. going on to give the ground plan. After the first measure] This implies that the length of the cubit had changed between the time of Solomon and that of the writer of Chronicles. Ezekiel (Ezekiel 40:5) speaks of a cubit measuring a cubit and a hand-breadth, which, if the smaller cubit was equal to 6 hand-breadths (about 18 in.), must have been equivalent to 7 (about 21 in.). In estimating the size of the Temple, the cubit, for the sake of convenience, has been reckoned at 18 in.; if the cubit of 21 in. was the one really employed, the dimensions must be modified accordingly.

4. An hundred and twenty] One MS of the LXX has ’twenty.’ The figures given in the text are suitable only for a tower, not a porch.

5. The greater house] i.e. the Holy Place. Cieled] The walls, as well as the roof, were lined with wood. Chains] i.e. festoons of chain work, carved in relief. 6. Parvaim] unknown.

10. Of image work] LXX has ’wroughtin wood’: cp. 1 Kings 6:23; 1 Kings 11. Twenty cubits] This was the length of the four wings together.

13. Inward] RV ’toward the house’: i.e. the Holy Place.

14. The vail] This is not mentioned in Kings.

15. Thirty and five] In 1 Kings 7:15; ’eighteen’: see also 2 Kings 25:17; Jeremiah 52:21.

16. Chains, as in the oracle] The text is probably corrupt; the chains must be ’the wreaths of chain work’ of 1 Kings 7:17, which were carved on the capitals.

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