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Bible Commentaries
2 Samuel 12

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-31

David’s Repentance and Pardon. The Capture of Rabbah

4. To dress for the wayfaring man] We may notice Eastern ideas of hospitality: cp. Genesis 18:3-5.

5. Shall surely die] David’s impulsive temper breaks out again: cp. 1 Samuel 25:22.

11. For the fulfilment of this threat, see 2 Samuel 16:21, 2 Samuel 16:22. David’s repentance secured the forgiveness of God, but it did not avert the punishment of his sin.

13. Thou shalt not die] This was the punishment David himself had pronounced on the offender.

14. Thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme] There is little doubt that the original reading was, ’Thou hast blasphemed the Lord,’ and that it was altered to avoid any appearance of irreverence.

23. I shall go to him] There is a suggestion here of belief in some form of continued existence beyond the grave.

24. Solomon] ’Peaceful.’

25. Jedidiah] ’Beloved of Jehovah.’ It is curious that this name should have been laid aside in favour of his other name, Solomon.

27. The city of waters] i.e. the lower town of Rabbah, on the Jabbok. It received this name because of a perennial stream which rises within it and which still flows through it.

28. Encamp against the city, and take it] Now that the waters of the lower town were in the possession of the besiegers, the fate of the upper town, or citadel, was only a question of time.

30. Their king’s crown] The reference is probably to Milcom, the god of the Ammonites (1 Kings 11:5). His name is merely an altered form of Melech, i.e. ’king.’ The weight of the crown (a talent of gold) renders it certain that no living person could have worn it for long.

31. Put them under saws, etc.] The Heb. must be translated, ’put them to saws,’ i.e. set them to work at saws, and harrows, and axes. For the forced labour of captives, cp. 1 Kings 9:15, 1 Kings 9:21. Made them pass through the brickkiln] read, ’made them work at the brickmould.’

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