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Isaiah 54

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-8

Renewed Promises of Restoration

Isaiah 54:1-6. Zion addressed as a woman whose period of barrenness and affliction is over; the desolation and reproach of the exile are to be things of the past.

7-10. From His promise of mercy to Zion Jehovah will not go back.

11-17. The re-establishment of the city. Its security from enemies.

Isaiah 55:1-7. The prophet invites mankind to those blessings which Jehovah has covenanted; and exhorts to putaway obstacles to their enjoyment.

8-13. Jehovah’s promise is sure, and great joy and glory await His people.

Isaiah 56:1-2. They that do right shall be rewarded.

3-8. In the restored Jerusalem the privileges of God’s people shall be for all without distinction.

Verses 1-17

1. Married wife] referring to the days of Jerusalem’s prosperity.

2. The figure is that of a tent which must be enlarged to take in increasing numbers (Isaiah 33:20). The ultimate fulfilment is seen in the extension of the religion of Zion so as to embrace the nations in the Christian dispensation.

3. Break forth] RV ’spread abroad.’ Make the desolate cities, etc.] (cp. Isaiah 49:8; Isaiah 58:12; Isaiah 61:4) i.e. reoccupy cities which had suffered from Babylonian invasions.

4. Shame of thy youth] i.e. desertion of Jehovah for other gods in her earlier history.

Thy widowhood] the period of the exile, when Jehovah seemed to have f orsaken her.

5. Thine husband] and therefore faithful, even though Israel may be faithless.

6. Called thee] i.e. back again to take thy place as wife.

When.. refused] RV ’when she is cast off.’

7. A small moment] i.e. during the 70 years’ exile in Babylon: cp. Isaiah 26:20.

8. In a little wrath] ’in overflowing wrath’ (RV), i.e. in transient outburst.

9. Referring to Genesis 9:11

10. Covenant.. peace] RM ’covenant of peace.’

11. The restoration of Jerusalem. Fair colours] lit. ’antimony,’ to set off their brilliancy: mentioned elsewhere as used for painting the eyelids, to enhance the brilliancy of the eyes (2 Kings 9:3 RV).

12. Windows of agates] RV ’pinnacles of rubies.’ See similar symbolism in connexion with the new Jerusalern, Tobit 13:16-17; Revelation 21:19, etc.

13. The outward splendour is to be worthy of the citizens (Jeremiah 31:34).

15. They shall surely] RV ’they may.’ This refers to Zion’s enemies. Not by me] i.e. not at Jehovah’s bidding, as was the case with Sargon and Sennacherib, who were divinely appointed instruments of chastisement: cp. Isaiah 10:5; Isaiah 37:26. For thy sake] RV ’because of thee.’

16. I have created, etc.] and therefore they cannot work against My will.

17. This is the heritage] viz. the discomfiture of their enemies. Righteousness i.e. justification in the eyes of the world through Jehovah’s faithfulness to His promises.

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