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Isaiah 54

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Lord here comforts the Gentile Church, by showing her the fulness of her riches in Christ, and calling upon her to rejoice in the consciousness of her relationship to her Lord and Husband, her Maker. Many sweet and precious promises are contained in this Chapter.

Isaiah 54:1

What a sweet thought is it for the believer of the Gentile Church to cherish and keep in view, that they who were aliens, and strangers to the commonwealth of Israel, are not only brought nigh by the blood of Christ, but are more numerous than the original stock. Jesus himself is introduced as being astonished at the vast accession to his fold. Not that this was possible, but is only intended to represent, by a strong figure of speech, the joy of Christ over his re deemed; Isaiah 49:18-23 . Reader! pause over the precious thought, that Jesus is the husband both of Jew and Gentile; Galatians 3:28-29 .

Verses 2-5

Every mercy, every blessing, runs from this source; Jesus is the husband of his people. His assumption of our nature is, to all intents and purposes the marrying of our nature. Jesus is no longer to be considered as a private person, but as the public head, surety, and representative of our nature; therefore all blessings and promises are made, and become yea and amen in him. Reader! see to it, that thou art graciously taught this most blessed of all truths, by God the Holy Ghost; and then, from knowing thy union and oneness with Christ, take to thee all the blessings in Christ, which these verses express, and which become the sure privilege of all his people. Oh! the blessedness of seeing those mercies fulfilled, and fulfilling, in the earth!

Verses 6-8

These words form a gracious continuation of the same soul-reviving promises; and all in Christ. Jesus was, and is, the husband of his church from everlasting. By the fall, a bill of divorcement was, as it were, written, and she was put away. By the interposition of his grace in redemption, she is again brought home; and now never more to be separated from her first love, but with everlasting kindness, nourished and cherished, in grace here, and glory to all eternity. Proverbs 8:22-31 ; Hosea 2:0 throughout. Jeremiah 3:14 .

Verses 9-10

The Lord is here pleased to make use of two very striking representations, to show the unalterable nature of his covenant promises in Christ to his people, namely, the covenant made at the deluge, and the durableness of mountains. To this hour the former holds good; for though so many generations have passed, every day again proves God's faithfulness, Genesis 8:21-22 ; the latter may be more easily accomplished, by the removal of mountains, than that God's promises in Christ should fail; Psalms 89:30-35 .

Verses 11-15

Every believer in Christ, as well as the Church at large, should take comfort from these gracious promises and assurances; for while they are spoken to the Church in general, they are intended for the special and personal consolation of every individual believer. And most sweet they are! Tried and tempted souls are afflicted souls, tossed about like ships on the tempestuous waters; but there shall be peace in Jesus. The New Testament Church, like the Jerusalem above, shall be glorious in her Lord's presence and favor, as those streets above are said to be paved with gold and precious stones. And, what is yet infinitely more sure to give comfort, all the children of grace shall be well taught, as well as well accommodated; for the Lord himself will condescend to become the teacher. And the consequence of this divine teaching is, that they shall come to Christ, and find all peace in him. Our blessed Lord himself was pleased to quote this passage, and apply it to himself, as concerning him and his gospel, John 6:45 . Reader! do not forget to make application also of the blessed doctrine of our Lord upon it, and put down for thy comfort, what cannot be denied, that if thou art come to Christ, it is, and must be the sole result of divine teaching. Ephesians 4:20-21 .

Verses 16-17

The gracious Lord, still going on to satisfy and silence the fears of his Church and people, here condescends to make use of another similitude, to testify the firmness and unalterable engagements of his covenant and his peoples safety. The smith cannot make a weapon to destroy without God's permission; for both the smith and the weapon, the fire that forms it, and the iron formed, all are no other than creatures and instruments, and can act no farther than the Lord permits and appoints. Everybody, and everything, is subject to God's control, and therefore can never act without his commission. And the Lord speaks of these watchings of his over his people, not as a thing limited to certain characters or situations only, but as the general inheritance of all his servants, whose righteousness is in Jesus. Isaiah 45:24-25 .

Verse 17


READER! shall we not join this hallelujah, for redemption to the Gentile church, when we, as poor Gentiles, have, or ought to have, so much interest in it? Hath Jehovah indeed vouchsafed salvation, and granted repentance unto life, to the Gentiles also; and shall not we glorify God, for the unspeakable gift? Do you not know, have you not felt, hath not God the Holy Ghost opened your eyes to see, that we were once afar off, aliens to the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenant of promise, having no hope, and being without God in the world? And are we now brought nigh by the blood of Christ; married to Jesus, and made heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ? And shall we not sing the song of salvation to God, and to the Lamb? Oh! for grace to enter into the full personal enjoyment of this sweet scripture, and to take part with the Gentile Church, breaking out on the right hand and on the left, and to feel interested in all that concerns Zion.

And oh! thou blessed, glorious, gracious Husband of thy people! we would hail thee as our maker, redeemer, surety, husband, friend! Thou art indeed the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth! Thou art indeed, in one and the same moment, our Ishi, our Jesus; for thou hast said, I am married unto you, saith the Lord; and I will take you, one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion. Bring all thy redeemed, Lord, where thou thyself art, to behold thy glory, for thou hast said, where I am, there shall my servant be.

And do thou, blessed Jesus, until thou comest to take all thy ransomed home, fulfil all those gracious promises, to our soul's joy. Noah's waters shall no more cover the earth, neither shall the Lord be angry with his redeemed in Jesus. Though mountains melt at thy presence, thy people shall behold thy face with joy. Jesus will teach, Jesus will comfort, Jesus will be the portion of his afflicted. Hearken, ye enemies of the cross, hearken to what our God hath said, in these sweet promises, and give over all your fruitless attempts to hurt his anointed. No weapon shall be formed to hurt them; for the smith, the maker of weapons is under the control of our God. Both the heritage and the righteousness of God's people are in himself; how then can any fail? Be wise now, therefore, O ye enemies of my God, for he that is his peoples portion, will be his people's glory and defense. Let every foe hear, and tremble; whosoever shall gather together against any of Christ's little ones, shall fall for Christ's sake! Hallelujah! Amen.

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