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the Week of Proper 5 / Ordinary 10
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Bible Commentaries
Jeremiah 22

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-30

1-9. Call to amendment of life.

1. Go down] The king’s house was on lower ground than the Temple: cp. Jeremiah 36:12.

3. The reference is to the special crimes of Jehoiakim more fully stated in Jeremiah 36:13: cp. 2 Kings 23:35. He oppressed his people in order that though paying tribute to Necho he might yet build himself sumptuous palaces. Neither shed innocent blood] For his sins in this respect cp. Jeremiah 26:20.

4. Cp. Jeremiah 17:25.

6. Gilead, with its balm (Jeremiah 8:22) and its flocks of goats (Song of Solomon 4:1; Song of Solomon 6:5), and the forests crowning the highest parts of Lebanon, represent things that are most precious.

7. Prepare] see on Jeremiah 6:4. Thy choice cedars] either the house of the forest of Lebanon (see on Jeremiah 22:6), or figuratively for the chief men of the state.

10-12. Lament for the fate of Jehoahaz.

10. Weep ye not for the dead] viz. Josiah. The sense is that even his fate (as slain at Megiddo) is preferable to that of his son and successor Jehoahaz (Shallum) carried into hopeless captivity in Egypt: see 2 Kings 23:29-34. Lamentations for Josiah came to be a fixed custom (2 Chronicles 35:25).

13-23. Jehoiakim’s evil deeds and fate.

15. Closest thyself] RV ’strivest to excel,’ rivalling Solomon with his cedar palaces instead of aiming at just rule. Thy father] Josiah.

18. Ah my brother! or, Ah sister] The reference may be to a chorus of mourners male and female addressing themselves antiphonally.

18, 19. The capture and death of Jehoiakim are mentioned in 2 Chronicles 36:6; 2 Kings 24:6.

20. The passages] RV ’Abarim,’ a range of mountains in the SE. Thy lovers] Egypt and the other nations whose aid Judah hoped for: see Jeremiah 27:3.

23. Inhabitant of Lebanon] referring to the king and his nobles as dwelling in cedar houses. How gracious] RV ’how greatly to be pitied.’

24-30. Punishment of Jehoiachin.

24. Coniah] so in Jeremiah 37:1: called Jeconiah in Jeremiah 24:1, etc. The change of his name to Jehoiachin, as in the case of his uncle Jehoahaz (the Shallum of Jeremiah 22:11), was probably made on his accession to the throne. All three names mean, ’The Lord will establish.’ Signet] emblem of royal authority.

26. See Jeremiah 52:31.

28. A lament over Jehoiachin’s fate. Idol] RV ’vessel,’ a piece of earthenware cast out as useless.

29. For the emphasis by three-fold repetition cp. Jeremiah 7:4.

30. Write ye, etc.] addressed to those who kept his family registers. They are bidden to enter the fact now instead of waiting for his death. Even though he had children (1 Chronicles 3:17.) they were not to succeed to the throne. ’Whether childless or not Jehoiachin was the last king of David’s line. His uncle, indeed, actually reigned after him, but perished with his sons long before Jehoiachin’s death (Jeremiah 52:10).’

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