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Leviticus 6

Verses 1-30

1-7. These vv. should be reckoned as part of Leviticus 5. The Hebrew chapter begins at Leviticus 6:8. Our chapter and verse divisions are a late invention, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries.

2. RV 'deal falsely with his neighbour in a matter of deposit, or of bargain (or pledge), or of robbery': cp. Exodus 22:7.

Leviticus 6:8 to Leviticus 7:38. Directions addressed to the Priests regarding the ritual of Sacrifice: see on Leviticus 1:2

9-13. The Burnt Offering. The daily or continual burnt offering is meant: see on Leviticus 1. The private or occasional burnt offering is referred to in Leviticus 7:8.

9. It is..] RV 'The burnt offering shall be on the hearth upon the altar all night unto the morning': the offering of devotion to God must never cease.

14-18. The Meal Offering. This again is the daily meal offering presented along with the daily burnt offering: see intro. to Leviticus 2.

17. Most holy] see on Leviticus 2:3.

19-23. The Meal Offering for the High Priest, presented daily, morning and evening (Leviticus 6:20), by Aaron and ids successors in office on their own behalf (Leviticus 6:22).

20. In the day when he is anointed] meaning on and from that day, as appears from the term 'perpetual' in Leviticus 6:20 and the statement in Leviticus 6:22.

23. The priest does not eat of his own sacrifice: see on Leviticus 4:26.

24-30. The Sin Offering.

26. Shall eat it] i.e. unless it is the sin offering for himself: see on Leviticus 6:23.

30. Reconcile] make atonement, as in Leviticus 1:4.

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