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Leviticus 6

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


Part of this Chapter is but a continuation of the former, concerning the trespass-offering: to this are added, laws concerning burnt offerings, and meat offerings; the law of the consecration of the priest, and of the sin offering.

Verses 1-2

Observe, though the sin here spoken of is said to be unto a man's neighbor, yet the trespass is against the LORD. All sin is in the first and proper sense of it, leveled against the divine authority. James 4:11 . Hence, in that great sin of David against Uriah, he refers all to this. Psalms 51:4 .

Verses 3-5

It is much to be wished, that this was properly considered in common life. Deuteronomy 22:1-4 .

Verses 6-7

Did not our LORD sweetly illustrate this, by commanding the sinner that had trespassed against his brother, to seek the pardon of his brother, before he brought his offering to the LORD? Matthew 5:23-24 .

Verses 8-9

As this fire on the altar was never permitted to go out, was not this typical of the displeasure of GOD against sin, which is always burning without a sacrifice? Hebrews 10:5-12 .

Verses 10-13

The order is here given for the service of the priests in readiness against the time, when the LORD would himself first kindle this fire, and which when kindled, the priests were thus carefully to preserve. See Leviticus 9:24 .

Verses 14-18

Concerning the meat-offering, the first part was to be the LORD'S, the remainder the priest's. Did not this offering allude to the person of JESUS? See John 6:35 . And were not the priests, in partaking of this, types of the whole body of CHRIST, who are said to be made kings and priests to GOD and the FATHER? Revelation 1:6 .

Verses 19-23

This consecrated offering for the priests, which was to be wholly burnt, perhaps typified the dedication of the LORD JESUS, as the sacrifice for the whole sins of the people. For as the priest, in his ministration, appeared before the LORD, in the name of the people, so in this same representation he typified JESUS. Hebrews 5:1-3 , with Hebrews 7:23-25 .

Verses 24-30

Those verses relate to the order respecting the sin-offering. The great attention that was to be shown to wash the clothes that were sprinkled, in offering the sacrifice, meant no doubt to signify the necessity of divine washing by the blood of JESUS, and the waters of regeneration. Titus 3:5-6 . And in the appointment of all the males among the priests partaking of the sacrifice, is it not meant to show the privilege of the faithful in the common sacrifice of CHRIST? Hebrews 13:10 .

Verse 30


IN the perusal of this Chapter, still seeking grace to be forever keeping my eye steadily fixed on him, who is the only true, and real sacrifice for sin, and the end of the law, for righteousness to everyone that believeth; I would desire to feel also, the full sense of the baleful malignity of sin, as it must appear in the eye of GOD; whose justice could not remit the penal effects of it, with a less sacrifice than the blood of his dear SON. LORD! keep thy servant from presumptuous sins; and in the common transactions, between man and man, in life, may I be enabled, like him of old, whom the LORD JESUS converted, and called from the customs of this world, to be his follower, in the regeneration; may I say, If I have done any wrong to any man I restore fourfold. But while doing restitution, to the utmost of my power, may I have grace never to seek justification by the deeds of the law, but by the alone blood, and righteousness of GOD my Saviour.

Reader! let us not close the Chapter before that we have bent the knee in praise and thanksgiving to our gracious GOD and FATHER in CHRIST JESUS, for the wonderful provision he hath made both for sins of ignorance and presumption; and indeed the whole mass of evil, by that one glorious offering of the body of JESUS CHRIST once offered, by which he hath forever perfected them that are sanctified. Precious JESUS! may our whole souls be everlastingly looking unto thee, and taking consolation from thee; for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to GOD by thy blood.

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