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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 65

Verses 1-13

The allusions to the Temple worship show that this Ps. belongs to a later age than David’s. As to its occasion we can gather that a national religious festival at Jerusalem was in view (Psalms 65:1-4), that a striking national deliverance had produced a wide-spread impression of God’s power (Psalms 65:5-8), and that a favourable season gave promise of an abundant harvest (Psalms 65:9-13). The presentation of the firstfruits at the Passover (Leviticus 23:10-14) would suit the first and last conditions, and the repulse of the Assyrian invasion in Hezekiah’s reign would fulfil the second.

1. Waiteth] ’is silent,’ an obscure expression. LXX has’ praise beseemeth thee.’

2. All flesh] God is thought of as the God, not only of Israel, but of all the world: cp. 5b.

3. Me.. our] The Psalmist speaks, now for himself, now in the name of the nation.

4. Even of thy holy temple] RV ’the holy place of thy temple.’

5. By terrible things] by impressive deliverances. In righteousness] connected with ’thou wilt answer us’ (RV).

7. People] RV ’peoples.’

8. Thy tokens] the manifestations of Thy power. Outgoings, etc.] the gates of morning and evening, the E. and the W. Rejoice] shout for joy—the inhabitants of E. and W. are meant.

9. With the river, etc.] RV ’the river of God is full of water.’ The rain is meant, or its source in the sky. Thou preparest, etc.] RV ’thou providest them corn when thou hast so prepared the earth,’ i.e. by the plentiful early rain (Nov.-Feb.).

10. Ridges] RV ’furrows.’ Settlest] levellest. Furrows] RV ’ridges.’

11. Read, ’Thou crownest the year of thy goodness’ (RM). The prospect of a rich harvest was only the last gift in a year of many blessings and deliverances. Thy paths drop fatness] God is pictured as walking through the land, and causing fertilising showers to fall wherever He treads.

12. The wilderness] not a desert, but open pasture-land—a ’steppe’ or ’veldt.’ The little hills, etc.] RV ’the hills are girded with joy’—a fine poetic personification of nature which the next v. continues.

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