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Psalms 65

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-13

This is a great song of worship. The occasion would seem to be that of a harvest festival. The people are assembled for praise (verses Psa 65:1-4 ). God's particular goodness in the harvest is celebrated (verses Psa 65:5-8 ). With reference to the assembling of the people the marginal reading is full of beauty:

There shall be silence before Thee and praise.

The same thought is present, though obscure, in the text: Praise waiteth for Thee.

It is the true attitude of worship. Reverent silence preparing for, and issuing in, adoring praise.

There is always a difficulty in the way of worship. "Iniquities prevail." Yet these are not final hindrances, for God purges away transgressions. The way into the silence of praise is described. God chooses, and causes to approach. The man so conducted dwells in the courts of God, and is satisfied with the goodness of His house. That is a fine description of worship in its expression, its method, its experience. The greatness of the power of God is the subject of the worshiper's song, and that power is at the disposal of those who worship. Then, finally, is sung the song of harvest. This is beautiful as a description of God's part therein. Man's toil is not described. It is taken for granted, and is his prayer. God's answer is co-operation by which harvest comes in joy and singing.

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