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Smith's Writings

Psalms 65

Verses 1-13


The godly remnant look on with joyful confidence to God's intervention in answer to their prayers, when Zion will become a centre of praise and prayer for the whole earth; when government will be established, war will cease, and the earth brought into blessing.

(vv. 1-2) The psalmist, in his meditation before God, looking beyond his present circumstances, recognizes that Zion will be the centre of praise for the whole earth. Not only Israel, but “all flesh” will come to Zion for praise and prayer. Nevertheless the time for universal praise is not yet come; “Praise waiteth for thee in silence, O God, in Zion” (JND).

(vv. 3-4) The godly confess the cause of the silence in Zion. Their iniquities have prevailed against them. Nevertheless there is the confidence that God will purge them away, in the consciousness that the godly are the objects of sovereign grace. This leads the psalmist to describe the blessedness of the man whom God has chosen. Such He causes to approach Himself; and the one who draws near to God will be satisfied with the goodness of God's house.

(vv. 5-8) The godly anticipate the judgment of the wicked, and their own deliverance, in answer to their prayers. The intervention of God will involve “terrible things in righteousness” for the nations, but salvation for His earthly people. Government will be established by the power of God; “His strength setteth fast the mountains;” and peace will result, the turmoil of the nations will be stilled. The “tokens,” or signs, of God's intervention will be universally acknowledged with fear.

No longer will men fear the future, dreading what each day may bring forth; “the outgoings of the morning and the evening” will rejoice.

(vv. 9-13) The closing verses present a beautiful picture of the millennial blessing of the earth, when all evil has been dealt with in judgment. The curse removed, or held in check, God will visit the earth in blessing. He will give the corn, and prepare the land to yield its increase, and command the seasons to pursue their course. The wilderness will become pastures for the flocks; the valleys covered with fields of corn; and over all will rise the song of praise and joy.

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Smith, Hamilton. "Commentary on Psalms 65". "Smith's Writings". 1832.