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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 71

Verses 1-24

This Ps. of prayer (Psalms 71:1-13) and praise (Psalms 71:14-24) was apparently written by an old man (Psalms 71:9, Psalms 71:18) and in the time of the exile. Some parts of it are undoubtedly national, but much of it expresses personal experience and desire and faith. It is largely made up of extracts from other Pss., yet it has a unity and a beauty of its own.

1-3. Practically taken from Psalms 31:1-3.

5, 6. See Psalms 22:9, Psalms 22:10.

7. As a wonder unto many] a striking example of God’s mysterious chastisement of His own: see Isaiah 52:14.;

12. See Isaiah 22:11; Isaiah 40:13.

13. See Psalms 35:4, Psalms 35:26: cp. also Psalms 71:24.

15. I know not the numbers] cp. Psalms 40:5.

16. Go in the strength] RV ’come with the mighty acts,’ bringing them as the subject of the song.

18. This generation] RVthe next generation.’

20. For me read ’us’ all through this v. (RV). The Psalmist predicts a resurrection of his nation which is, as it were, dead and buried in its exile.

21. Thou shalt increase] RV ’increase thou.’ Comfort me on every side] RV ’turn again and comfort me.’

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