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Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

Psalms 71



:-. The Psalmist, probably in old age, appeals to God for help from his enemies, pleading his past favors, and stating his present need; and, in confidence of a hearing, he promises his grateful thanks and praise.

Verse 1

1-3. (Compare :-).

Verse 3

3. given commandment—literally, "ordained," as in Psalms 44:4; Psalms 68:28.

rock . . . fortress— (Psalms 18:2).

Verse 4

4, 5. cruel man—corrupt and ill-natured—literally, "sour."

Verse 5

5. trust—place of trust.

Verse 6

6-9. His history from early infancy illustrated God's care, and his wonderful deliverances were at once occasions of praise and ground of confidence for the future.

my praise . . . of thee—literally, "in" or "by Thee" ( :-).

Verse 10

10, 11. The craft and malicious taunts of his enemies now led him to call for aid (compare the terms used, 2 Samuel 17:12; Psalms 3:2; Psalms 7:2).

Verse 12

12. (Compare Psalms 22:19; Psalms 40:4).

Verse 13

13. (Compare Psalms 35:4; Psalms 40:14).

Verse 14

14-16. The ruin of his enemies, as illustrating God's faithfulness, is his deliverance, and a reason for future confidence.

Verse 15

15. for I know . . . thereof—innumerable, as he had not time to count them.

Verse 16

16. in the strength—or, relying on it.

thy righteousness—or, faithful performance of promises to the pious (Psalms 7:17; Psalms 31:1).

Verse 17

17-21. Past experience again encourages.

taught me, &c.—by providential dealings.

Verse 19

19. is very high—distinguished (Psalms 36:5; Isaiah 55:9).

Verse 20

20. depths of the earth—debased, low condition.

Verse 21

21. increase, c.—that is, the great things done for me (Psalms 71:19 compare Psalms 40:5).

Verse 22

22-24. To the occasion of praise he now adds the promise to render it.

will . . . praise—literally, "will thank."

even thy truth—as to Thy truth or faithfulness.

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Jamieson, Robert, D.D.; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. "Commentary on Psalms 71". "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". 1871-8.