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Zechariah 2

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-13

The Third Vision

1-5. A young man with a measuring line goes forth to measure Jerusalem preparatory to rebuilding the walls. But an angel is sent to stop him. The population will so increase as to exceed all human expectations, and God will be the city’s best defence.

6-9. The Jews are summoned to leave Babylon, for judgment is to fall upon that city.

10-12. God’s gracious promise to dwell in Jerusalem, to which the nations will come.

1. A man with a measuring line] The vision is probably connected with what, at the time, was really under discussion, viz. the rebuilding of the walls. The Jews felt that they were few in number, and without proper defences.

3, 4. The interpreting angel stands near the prophet. He goes forth to meet another angel, who asks him to stop this young man in a useless task. The city is destined to have an overflowing population. No walls will be able to contain it. It will stretch forth its houses far out into the surrounding country and seem, not like a walled city, but like a series of country towns packed together.

5. In addition to this reason, the prophet has no faith in warlike fortifications (cp. the subsequent disastrous sieges of Jerusalem by the Syrians and Romans: Jos. ’Wars of Jews,’

1. 6, etc.). God is her best protection. A wall of fire] a figure suggested by the watch-fires, built round a desert caravan when camping at night, to scare away wild beasts: cp. 1 Samuel 25:16.

6-13. This section forms a poetical prophecy, addressed to the Jews still remaining in Babylon.

6. Land of the north] Babylon. Spread] scattered in exile.

7. Deliver thyself, O Zion] better, ’Ho, escape to Zion.’

8. After the glory] better, ’after glory,’ i.e. to win glory, by bringing judgment on the Babylonians who spoiled Israel. Me] the angel is still speaking. Apple of his eye] here lit. ’the door of his eye’; elsewhere, ’the daughter,’ i.e. the pupil of the eye, which, from its position, importance, and surroundings, is used as an emblem of what is exceedingly precious: cp. Deuteronomy 32:10; Psalms 17:8, etc.

10. This prophecy was fulfilled when the Temple was completed and consecrated by Zerubbabel in 516 b.c.

11. Many nations shall be joined to the Lord] better, ’shall join themselves.’ This was fulfilled after the coming of Jesus Christ, who also fulfilled the words, ’I will dwell in the midst of thee.’

12. His portion in the holy land] better, ’his portion shall be upon holy ground,’ i.e. in Zion.

13. Be silent] lit. ’hush!’ cp. Habakkuk 2:20. Is raised up] better, ’hath roused himself’—said of God when He is about to execute some great purpose. His holy habitation] i.e. heaven.

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